Set up the IT services you'll need as a new NYU student

Below, you'll find the essential steps to take before you arrive—and during your first days—to ensure you can hit the ground running. This is not all of the NYU IT services that may be useful, so once you've settled in, check out the Student Tech Guide for more.

Please note: This reference applies primarily to setting up NYU tech services. It is not a comprehensive guide for applying to and enrolling at NYU. See the Undergraduate Admissions site for more information.

Top Questions for Spring '24: Recovery Email

One of the most common issues students run into is arriving on campus and realizing they can't log into NYU services because they forgot their NYU NetID password and lost access to the recovery email they chose.

I'm applying to NYU

smiling student at a computer, applying for college

What you'll receive

Within 72 hours, you will receive an email response confirming your application and containing the following:

  • University ID number: commonly called your "N number," this is the number you are given when your application is processed. You'll need this to complete certain online tasks.
  • NetID (abc123): used to access many of NYU's online services, such as Albert and NYUHome. It also serves as the basis for NYU email addresses.
    • If you have previously applied to NYU and been assigned a NetID, you will not receive a new NetID.

What you'll need to do

I've been accepted!

 excited student looking at her laptop, accepted!

What you'll receive

  • A welcome email introducing you to the NYU Admitted Student Portal, as well as follow-up emails updating you regarding your status and additional requirements. For more information on how to confirm and prepare for admission, see the NYU website for admitted students.
  • Regular updates by email from a number of potential sources, including NYU Student Affairs, Housing, and Student Success, informing you of what to expect as you become an NYU student.
  • TIP: You should also visit the Next Steps webpage for new and transfer students for additional steps you'll need to take in preparation for attending NYU.

What you'll need to do

Note: The process of granting access to all NYU tech services for which students are eligible depends on your school noting you as "matriculated"—basically, that you've been confirmed as a student for the upcoming semester. You may not immediately be able to access all services, including NYU Email, as soon as you are accepted.

I'm on my way

 a Dad helping his daughter pack the car as she leaves for college

What you'll need to do

HELP! I lost access to my recovery email: If you used an email address during the application process that you lost access to and you don't remember your NYU NetID password, you may not be able to access NYU's online services. Don't worry! Contact the NYU IT Service Desk. They can help you update your access options.

I'm here!

 two new students shooting a selfie on campus

Welcome to the city—whether it's New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, or one of our global locations—and welcome to NYU. Here are the final few services to get acquainted with and set up.

What you'll need to do

Need additional support?

 Service Desk agent on the phone providing IT support

NYU has a number of ways for you to get help with tech and NYU services that rely on tech, such as registration, housing, and tuition payment. Check out the resources below for more.

Note: Many schools have IT support desks tailored for their students. Keep an eye out for info from your school about the support resources available to you.