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Now Just a Few More Things To Do

You did it! You got into NYU, a vibrant, creative, intellectual, and passionate community of learners and doers. You also got into one of the world’s most selective universities. Be proud. Celebrate. Thank your family. When done, we have a little more work for you to do, including confirming your enrollment at NYU and completing some other university business. Just follow the instructions on “Your Next Steps.” If you or your family members have more questions, we’re here to help. In the meantime, from all of us at NYU, congratulations and welcome to the next stage of your life.

Students in NYU track jackets holding purple and white balloons

It's Time to Celebrate

You & your family are invited to join us on campus for one of our #NYU2023 events.

Admitted Student Events

Download Desktop Wallpapers


You've already received your campus-specific laptop sticker, but why not level up your computer by downloading one of our desktop wallpapers. We've got one wallpaper for each of our three campuses. What better way to show friends and family your school pride? 

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