This Policies and Guidelines website is a part of NYU's Compliance and Risk Management Program which coordinates the publishing and archiving of University administrative policies and guidelines.  It is a goal of the Office of Compliance and Risk Management is to simplify the understanding of the many laws, regulations, policies and procedures that a University employee needs to follow to make good business decisions.

What is a University Policy?

A University policy is defined as any policy that meets all of the following criteria:

  • has broad application or impact throughout the University across colleges, schools, institutes and/or operating units, including policies whose subject matter or budgetary impact requires review and approval by a member of the Senior Team;
  • seeks to ensure compliance with applicable laws, ethical norms, accepted best practices, promotion of operational efficiencies, enhancement of the University’s mission, and/or reduction of institutional risks; and
  • mandates or constrains actions.

Policy Applicability

University policies can apply to some or all members of the University Community, including: (a) the Board of Trustees; (b) faculty, including visiting faculty; (c) researchers, including persons conducting research at or under the auspices of the University; (d) employees; (e) volunteers; (f) fellows, trainees and post-doctoral appointees; (g) students; and (h) others who are performing activities or providing services at or under the auspices of the University, including consultants, vendors, and contractors.

Global Policy Applicability

University policies apply to the operations and activities of the University regardless of location. As a Global Network University, operating in an expanding international environment, the University will encounter varying laws and business practices when it conducts its affairs outside the United States. When a University policy or a provision of a policy conflicts with the laws in another country, the University seeks to have its operations and activities comply with the laws of that jurisdiction.

Because differences between University policy and foreign laws may not be self-evident and can be complex, whenever there is a question regarding the University's legal responsibilities at locations outside the United States, the Office of General Counsel must be consulted to evaluate and to advise on the appropriate course of action.

Employees engaged in developing University policies must follow the requirements outlined in NYU's Developing University Policies for drafting, approving, and amending University policies.