Seeking community, appreciating complexity; gaining insight and discovering both grace and growth, we aspire to cultivate a community where we do better together and we are better together.
More than 50 NYU students contributed to the creation of a seven-minute film (below) that makes more explicit the approaches and mindsets students feel are important to share and advance on NYU's campus; ways of engaging that we all hope will lead to a deeper appreciation for each other, even when we don’t see eye-to-eye. We also hope that these messages will inspire your journey at NYU.  



In addition to the video, the following resources are available to help you learn and grow:

Navigate Difficult Situations

These offices and initiatives offer support and resources to help NYU students work through difficult conversations and conflict.

Take Action to Be Better

Zone trainings provide NYU community members with the knowledge and tools to explore concepts related to identity, diversity, and community.

Stay Informed

Read more about policies that NYU students are expected to follow.