This software is for personally-owned computers only. Do not install Malwarebytes on NYU-owned computers.

Malware and 
Ransomware Protection

Cybersecurity Software

Protect your personally-owned computer from malware, cyber attacks, and other security risks by downloading Malwarebytes, an anti-malware software that is free to eligible NYU community members. 

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Anti-malware Software is Required

As part of NYU IT's commitment to protect our community's information and systems, and in compliance with the Data and System Security Policy, anti-malware software is required on any desktop or laptop computer connecting to NYU's network (NYU-NET).

Who Uses Malwarebytes?

All NYU community members accessing the NYU network must have anti-malware software installed on their personally-owned computer. If you do not already have anti-malware software installed on your personally-owned computer, please install Malwarebytes. Doing so will help protect the NYU network and keep your personal information safe.

Anyone with a valid NYU NetID who has access to NYUHome, except alumni, is eligible to claim and install a license.

Getting Started 

Do not install Malwarebytes on a computer owned by NYU. This software is for personally-owned computers only. If you have an NYU-owned computer, read Secure Your Computer for more information.

  1. To install Malwarebytes on your personally-owned computer, log in to NYUHome
  2. Visit the Malwarebytes card and click GO
  3. Enter your NetID email address (e.g., and click Claim Malwarebytes License
  4. Select Malwarebytes Premium, then Add a device. Choose your current device or another device
    • If you select another device, enter your email address and select Send Invite.
  5. Follow the prompts to install Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes FAQs

About Endpoint Protection (Malwarebytes)