2022 NYU IT User Satisfaction Survey  

Thank you to the faculty, staff, and students who responded to the 2022 NYU IT User Satisfaction Survey. The results, summarized below, are helping NYU IT, as well as NYU schools and units, gain deeper insight into the experiences and needs of our diverse community. Guided by this input, we are identifying opportunities and making service improvements to help ensure that our current and future technology offerings support your work and the University’s mission.

We welcome additional input. Contact the NYU IT Service Desk to share your thoughts and suggestions on ways we can continue to improve NYU IT services.

Notable Survey Themes


Usability was the most common area in which respondents said NYU IT services could improve, expressing a desire for digital experiences comparable in design and quality to those found within the consumer applications and websites they use in their personal lives.

To address these concerns, NYU IT is partnering with the NYU Usability Lab to work closely with IT service teams and our user community on UX research to identify service improvement opportunities. This partnership will also help integrate UX assessment into IT project plans and, where possible, the vendor selection process.

Time to Resolution / Staff's Ability to Resolve Requests

Respondents expressed a need to have their issues resolved more quickly. Many respondents said that their tickets are not always answered in a reasonable amount of time. They expressed a desire to have issues resolved at the first point of contact with NYU IT in order to avoid back-and-forth communications. Finally, many respondents said they want simplified workflows for addressing requests, especially those that are fairly basic in nature. This included a desire for more self-service options, as well as the ability to address issues via chat rather than over phone or email.

To address this feedback, NYU IT is working to improve IT Service Desk escalation protocols to reduce back-and-forth communications, ensure we are prioritizing one-touch resolution and improved knowledge, and prioritize the development of chat capabilities.

Documentation and Training

Respondents noted that they often encountered unclear documentation (e.g., instructions) or found it difficult to find the right documentation. Respondents also expressed a desire for clear FAQs. Referring to knowledge base documentation specifically, respondents noted a need for “instructions with graphics,” “guides that are based on functional purposes,” and “in-depth explanations.” In addition, some respondents expressed a need for more, and better, live training options for users.

In order to address these issues, NYU IT will dedicate more resources to reviewing knowledge articles and other user-facing documentation to ensure they are more comprehensive, easier to use, and structured around actual user workflows, and to reduce the amount of technical information presented to our users.

Overall Awareness of Services and Service Updates

Respondents indicated that they would like to know more about services, when and why they might want to use them, and best practices for their use.

To address this, new resources are being created to raise awareness of NYU IT’s service offerings, as well as ways to make users aware of large changes coming to particular services. For example, opportunities to use non-disruptive in-app notifications, like banners, will be identified. In addition, NYU IT will make a more concerted effort to tap into multiple channels for awareness and communication, as demonstrated in the removal of the phone option from Duo MFA in fall 2022.

High-Level Survey Takeaways

Every IT service measured by respondents received an average rating of at least “slightly satisfied” to “very satisfied.”

With that positive overall feedback as an encouraging baseline, analysis of the quantitative (i.e., Likert scale question) survey results also revealed several role- and service-specific opportunities for further investigation:

  • Staff Satisfaction Is Generally Higher than Faculty Satisfaction
    Based on the mean “Service Overall” score, staff reported higher satisfaction than faculty across most technologies, with the exceptions of NYU Events Calendar and NYU IT Service Desk (Calling & Emailing), which were rated similarly by staff and faculty.
  • Google Services Rate Highly
    Respondents in all roles rated NYU Google Services especially highly (e.g., “satisfied” or “very satisfied”).
  • Request Resolution Time
    When ranking multiple aspects of NYU IT support services, respondents indicated that they were less satisfied with “the time it takes to resolve my request” than the other aspects of the services. 15.79% of respondents rated their experience with resolution time using the IT Service Desk (Call) service as "very dissatisfied" or "slightly dissatisfied", 20.60% for IT Service Desk (Email), 26.67% for Desktop Support, and 11.41% for NYU IT Classroom Technology Support.
  • IT Service Desk Email Support
    Respondents were more satisfied with the IT Service Desk (Call) service compared to IT Service Desk (Email). This was most evident with “the staff’s ability to communicate clearly,” with a 12.16% gap in satisfaction between calling (76.14%) and emailing (63.98%)

Read the Full Report

To review the full report on the 2022 NYU IT User Satisfaction Survey results, created in collaboration with an external vendor, download this PDF (4 MB).