NYU will be introducing storage limits in response to Google’s decision to eliminate free, unlimited storage for higher education clients. 95% of the NYU community will be able to continue using Google services as usual, while 5% of users will be contacted directly to discuss their storage needs. Learn more about these changes.

Please note that Google's updated inactive account policies only apply to personal Google accounts and do NOT impact NYU's Google services or your NYU account.

NYU Email (Google) provides @nyu.edu email accounts for the entire NYU community and gives you access to several other Google apps! From Drive and Docs to Chat and Spaces, NYU Email is the primary resource for collaborating with classmates and colleagues.

Getting Started

The automatic format for your official NYU Email address is YourNetID@nyu.edu (e.g., aqe123@nyu.edu). To get started, log into your NYU Email at email.nyu.edu.

Don't confuse the NetID used for your email with your University Identification Number (commonly called an N-number). Your N-number is the University equivalent of a social security number, so it should be kept top secret!

You can also set up a secondary, personalized email address using your first and last name (e.g., first.last@nyu.edu) that leads to the same inbox. Learn how to do this by checking out the ServiceLink article, NYU Email: Creating or Modifying a Personal Email Address.

Tips and Tools

For the best NYU Email experience, access your NYU Email through the desktop browser or the mobile app. Avoid using desktop apps, such as the Apple Mail app, as these are not supported by NYU and therefore do not provide the most efficient experience or standard spam filtering.

By clicking the dot matrix icon at the top of the NYU Email browser, you can access several other NYU-supported Google apps, including Drive (and Docs, Slides, and Sheets), Calendar, and Groups. Check out IT's Google Services Support to learn which services are officially supported by NYU IT and the Download for the latest announcements regarding NYU Email.

Don't Fall for Phishing Attempts

Phishing messages could even appear to be sent from NYU or NYU IT requesting your personal information, such as name, date of birth, or password. NYU IT will never request your password information.


Always be on the lookout for phishing and scam attempts and do not reply to these messages! Report phishing by forwarding suspicious emails to phishing@nyu.edu.

About NYU Email (Google)