Non-Required Reading

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Campus leaders share recommendations for beloved books, movies, music, and other media that explore the histories and perspectives of marginalized groups—or point a way forward toward a more equitable society.

NYU Kimmel Windows Presents

“In the Labyrinth”

Works by Kiley Ames are on view at street-level at NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life, June 29-Sept 6, 2017.
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Portia Munson Earth Rites
Grey Art Gallery

Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia

A founding member of the trailblazing band DEVO, Mark Mothersbaugh has been a visual artist since before the group’s formation. He has created a large body of work—paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, decorative arts, video, film, and performance—which often originates from his visual diaries of over 30,000 postcard-sized drawings. April 26–July 15, 2017 at the Grey Art Gallery.
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1964–Monument to the Conquerors of Space