Our NYU community exists in the midst of the world’s greatest cities, and our unique campus allows for exciting opportunities in all facets of our lives — learning, teaching, working, and creative and intellectual pursuits. Safety, health, and wellness are foundational for all members of our community to take advantage of what NYU and NYC have to offer.

You've come to the right page to find all the answers you need when it comes to Safety, Health, and Wellness at NYU. Explore how our resources in support of security and wellbeing can help you feel your best so you can make the most of our vibrant community.

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Staying Safe at NYU

Staying safe at NYU is critical in order to learn, teach, and work. We all play a part in keeping our campus safe. We look out for ourselves, each other, and the physical and digital environments that surround and engage our community. Utilize these resources to learn more about what it means to stay safe at NYU.

Supporting Campus Health and Wellness

Maintaining the health of your body, mind, and spirit is an essential part of doing good work. We want all members of our community to be healthy, happy, and pursue choices, activities, and lifestyles that bring about a balanced sense of well-being. Check out our resources to learn more about what's available when it comes to your health and wellness at NYU.