NYU employees rely on one another to get the many tasks that come up throughout the academic year done.  Whether it be administrative service needs, financial services, IT and computer support, facilities and operations needs to media and communications, there are offices throughout the university that supply those services.

Administrative Services

The central mission of Administrative Services is to provide superior quality, efficient and cost effective services to all of the University’s schools and departments.


FinanceLink is the University’s central source for financial related processes, forms, policies, resources and knowledgebase articles. FinanceLink organizes NYU financial operations and related content by topic rather than by department and contains links to related departments within the University.

IT and Computer Support

NYU offers a wide range of technology services—including computer, telephony, Internet, communication, administrative, and instructional technology tools, systems, and support. NYU connects NYU faculty, students, staff, and affiliates with the people and other resources, at NYU and beyond, that they require in order to achieve their goals. See the Information Technology and Computer Support page for details.


The Facilities & Construction Management (F&CM) Client Services Center provides you with an immediate point of contact to respond to your facility needs. We evaluate, prioritize, dispatch and follow client work requests through to completion to ensure the standards for safe, high quality and cost effective building environments are met. When you are not sure who else to call or where to turn, call us and we will be able to help.

The F&CM Client Services Center is the primary point of contact for service and maintenance requests for the University's buildings. If you have or see a need for maintenance service, please contact us.

Media and Communication

NYU's media and communications services utilize the latest technologies and employ skilled experts to assist you with all your multimedia and communication needs.  Resources including NYU IT, Digital Communications, Marketing Communications, Campus Media, Copy Central, the Department of Media Production and the Television Center are available to help you develop effective marketing, advertising and communication strategies.  From conception to post-production, these offices provide services and equipment for all aspects of multimedia production.