The creation and transmission of knowledge is central to the core mission of a university. Achieving both scholarly eminence in research and the highest levels of pedagogical impact in the classroom and beyond are what makes a research university truly great. Practical resources that foster the enhancement of teaching and learning may be found here.

Various Resources

NYU Bookstores

NYU Bookstores the official bookstore serving New York University.

Campus Media

Campus Media Classroom Support offers service and support by providing media systems, along with media demonstrations and training in NYU classrooms as well as in a variety of venues around the university. The staff of Campus Media Event Support is trained to handle events that are technically and logistically complex.

Faculty Advancement 

Faculty Advancement connects and collaborates with the NYU community to recruit, retain, develop, and advance faculty whose scholarship, teaching and community engagement will positively impact the world. We accomplish this by providing knowledge, resources, mentoring, and engagement opportunities that prepare faculty to pursue their scholarly aspirations, meet key career milestones such as tenure, promotion and contract renewal, support the development of academic leaders, and enable faculty to connect their work with communities across the globe.

Copy Central

Copy Central provides graphic design, copying, print purchasing, and addressing/mailing services to the entire University community.

Course Packs

Course Packs contain a range of materials bound together for class use, including: articles from journals, newspapers, or magazines; chapters from books; business cases from Harvard or other publishers; your original content or class notes; and the course syllabus. The NYU Bookstores have partnered with XanEdu, a leading provider of customized digital and print coursepacks-to deliver high quality, fully copyright cleared coursepacks.

Digital Studio

The Digital Studio provides consultation, training, and tools to help NYU scholars use technology for digital scholarship, research, and teaching.

Faculty Resource Network at New York University

The Faculty Resource Network (FRN) at New York University is an award-winning professional development initiative that sponsors programs for faculty members from a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities. The FRN hosts lectures, symposia, and intensive seminars, all of which are designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning at its member and affiliate institutions.

NYU Libraries

NYU Libraries hold collections totaling more than 4 million volumes, almost 5 million microforms, 500,000 government documents, 80,000 sound and video recordings and a wide range of electronic resources.


NYU TV has established relationships with various faculty members and departments to bring programming that complements their classroom education.