Why We Stand Out


NYU’s online offerings are designed by the same faculty that create our in-person programs. From Occupational Therapy to Bioinformatics, K-12 Teacher Education to Corporate Valuation, NYU has the expertise to craft high-quality, highly flexible
online programs.

the World

NYU is global, and our online courses and degrees are as well. Undergraduates in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi study together in a virtual classroom, students pursuing a Master's in Writing study from home with short intensives in Paris, while students pursue a Master’s in Global Health in Africa.

Professionally Focused

NYU’s professional degrees have a reputation for excellence the world over. Through our online programs, students may pursue degrees from many of our schools wherever their location.

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Graduate Degrees

We are making it possible for you to earn an NYU degree or certificate and advance your careers while studying from anywhere. The opportunity to pursue an NYU degree and continue one’s professional advancement is seen as a great advantage for a wide range of students.

Undergraduate Experience

See how credit-bearing, online courses can enhance your NYU experience by letting you study abroad and still graduate on time.

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Online Degrees and Certificates

Discover all that we have to offer online, whether you are joining us for a new degree from afar or taking courses to stay on track while being abroad - just like NYU Stern’s new Certificate in Coding + Visual Analytics

NYU Innovates in Online Education

NYU is a campus without borders - online courses, degrees, and certificates allow faculty, programs, and the University to reach new learners across the U.S. and around the world. Our investment in online education is expanding opportunities for successful degree completion, program growth, and educational research. Thanks to technology and innovative teaching techniques, students like you can study with us at the level of academic quality, rigor, and student engagement that are hallmarks of the NYU experience.

We are investing in diversity for our online efforts. There is no "one size fits all" approach. Because each discipline and community has their own needs, our online courses and programs take many different approaches. Each course and program is crafted by faculty at our individual schools and customized for the students who attend. Throughout the process, our educational researchers improve our courses and programs through data analytics on student engagement and new pedagogic practices.