New York University is a community that values the tradition of fostering innovative research. The scholarship provided by our faculty contributes to the advancement of the sciences, arts, humanities, and professional studies. These organizations sponsor, support, and/or assist the faculty researcher. For additional information on faculty research, click here.

Entrepreneurship at NYU

Entrepreneurship at NYU is the online hub for information about entrepreneurship activities and resources at NYU. The University has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem supported by a vast array of offerings from several organizations and schools across NYU. The website is the single point of access to information about the multitude of entrepreneurship events, programs, classes, and resources available to our community. To learn more, visit

The Faculty Resource Network

The Faculty Resource Network hosts professional development programs for faculty members from a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities. The Network offers lectures, symposia, and intensive seminars, all of which are designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning at its member and affiliate institutions.

Global Programs

The Office of Global Programs is charged with developing and supporting international academic initiatives at NYU for the benefit of faculty research and undergraduate and graduate education.


NYU Center for the Humanities

The NYU Center for the Humanities sponsors special lectures, symposia, faculty research projects, and conferences throughout the University to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services offers several research services to faculty:

NYU Libraries

The New York University Libraries is a nine-library, 4.5 million-volume system. In addition to extensive print and electronic holdings, the Libraries offer research and technical services for faculty.

NYU Press

NYU Press a full service scholarly publisher with a backlist of over 1500 titles, reflects the intellectual vitality of New York University by publishing a wide array of provocative and compelling titles, as well as works of lasting scholarly and reference value.

Research Support

Research Support Offices and Resources a comprehensive listing of offices supporting faculty research at NYU along with links to current research policies.

NYU Scholars

NYU Scholars is an online tool that organizes publications for NYU faculty members. A public portal allows scholars as well as journalists, donors, and policymakers to find NYU faculty members who are working at the forefront of new areas of scientific inquiry.

Scientists Guide to Startups

The NYU Scientists Guide to Startups is intended as a quick reference tool for NYU scientists interested in starting a company based on their inventions. This guide is focused specifically on technology-based companies formed to commercialize one or more related inventions made at NYU and protected via intellectual property rights (e.g. patent or copyright) owned by NYU. If you are interested in exploring how to get your technology out of your NYU laboratory and into the market, this guide is for you.

Scholars-at-Risk Network

The Scholars at Risk Network is an international network of universities and colleges that promotes academic freedom and defends the human rights of scholars and their communities worldwide.