New York University has a strong institutional commitment to lawful and ethical behavior. All New York University faculty and employees are expected to carry out their institutional responsibilities in accordance with applicable legal and ethical principles. Policies regarding employment, compliance, research, and funding are available on this page. Additional policies may be found on school and individual organizational websites.


Decision-making at the University is a shared process. A variety of governing bodies and advisory committees participate in fostering and delivering excellence to students, faculty, and staff. The committees that exist at both the local and University-wide levels ensure that faculty have a voice in the decisions that impact their professional and personal lives.

Academic Appointments

The Office of Academic Appointments administers the University’s policies governing academic appointments on behalf of the Provost and the President.


The Office of Compliance serves the University community by answering questions or concerns regarding ethics, compliance, or best business practices.

Environmental Issues

The Department of Environmental Services provides comprehensive environmental health and safety services to all faculty, students, and staff. These services for the University community include environmental health and safety technical support, information and training programs, consulting and auditing services.

Equal Opportunity

The Office of Equal Opportunity is responsible for advancing and monitoring the University’s equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, discrimination, and harassment policies, procedures, and programs.


The Faculty Handbook is a guide to the faculty and is designed to present in a convenient form general information about New York University, and some of the more important University policies and practices as they apply to the faculty of the University.


The Office of Sponsored Programs assists faculty by providing information about funding opportunities and guiding faculty researchers through the funding process.

Industrial Liaison

The Office of Industrial Liaison manages all activities relating to the protection and commercial promotion of inventions made at New York University.

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research and Program Evaluation works with academic and administrative units throughout the University to manage data and provide analyses to support University planning, policy development and decision making.

Personal Identification Numbers

The Policy on Personal Identification Numbers covers the use, display, storage, retention, and disposal of personal identification numbers in print and electronic form.


Research Support Offices and Resources provides links to current research policies.


IT Policies list the procedures for information technology available at NYU. 

Tenure and Promotion

The core principles and procedures for Tenure and Promotion can be accessed online. Additionally, some individual school policies are listed at the Provost web site, while others may be found by contacting the individual schools.