Use Duo Push for the Fastest Way to Log In

Duo Push is safer than a phone call or a text message. Duo is more secure, easier, and the most popular way to log in.


TIP: It's easy to switch! Here's how.


Easiest Method

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Authenticate with Duo Push

It's Simple to Set Up, Here's How

  1. If you haven't already, download and install the Duo Mobile app 
  2. Log in at
  3. At the Duo prompt, don’t approve your authentication yet. Instead, click My Settings & Devices in the left menu, then authenticate.
  4. On the My Settings & Devices screen, select these options:
        Default Device: Select your phone number
        When I log in: Automatically send this device to a Duo Push
        Click Save and you’re all set!
  5. Now, just tap Approve on the Duo login request on your device to authenticate.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo)?

NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of security to help prevent anyone other than you from accessing your sensitive information online. The service NYU uses for MFA is called Duo.

Enrolling in and Using MFA

Follow the instructions below to start benefiting from the additional security provided by NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Step 1: Enroll in MFA and Install the Duo Mobile App

Step 2: Manage MFA Devices & Settings

Step 3: How to Use NYU MFA

TIP: For the best MFA experience, enroll two or more devices and use the Duo Mobile app to easily authenticate even without cell or Internet service and when traveling. See below for instructions.

Additional MFA Resources

Need Assistance with MFA?