NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which uses the Duo Mobile app, helps confirm your identity and adds a critical layer of security to protect your online data and NYU’s network.

For the highest level of protection, use Duo Push. See below to learn how to get started or switch from a phone call to Duo push.

Attention: Changes to MFA Phone Calls and SMS Passcodes

On May 27, changes occured for MFA phone call and SMS text message users.

  • Users are no longer able to press any key to authenticate
  • The key will change periodically. Users will need listen to the recording each time they authenticate to know which key to press
  • The number of SMS text message passcodes a user can generate at one time has been reduced from 10 to 5

Why Switch from a Phone Call to Duo Push

Using MFA makes it harder for others to log in and steal your data because they would need to know your NetID and password AND have access to your phone and its password to authenticate. That’s why simply using a phone call to authenticate is easy to hack and highly insecure.

To better protect your data, your colleagues' sensitive info, and NYU’s network, use Duo Push to authenticate. If you are currently using a phone call to authenticate, watch this video for a quick overview of how to switch to Duo Push or follow these written instructions.


New to MFA? See below for instructions on getting started.

Download and install the MFA Duo app on your phone

After installing the Duo Mobile app on your phone, set up Duo Push on a computer or mobile device.

Now you're ready to log in to NYU using Duo Push to authenticate

  1. Log in to NYUHome (home.nyu.edu) on your computer or mobile device
  2. On the MFA Authentication screen, enter your NYU NetID and password
  3. Click Log In
  4. Check Remember me for 1 day
  5. Select Send Me a Push
  6. On your mobile device, tap the Duo Push notification or open the Duo Mobile app, then tap Approve
  7. You are now logged into your NYU account
  8. Note: If you see an alert that says Request Waiting, tap the notification, and then tap Approve

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NYU IT Service Desk, open 24x7.

If you're unable to authenticate using these methods, you can set up authentication by SMS. Remember, authentication by phone call is not recommended, as it is extremely insecure.

Get Started

Set Up Your MFA Account


  1. Go to start.nyu.edu and click Log In, then log in using your NYU NetID and password.
  2. Click Start setup.
  3. Select your device type and click Continue. A smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet provides the best experience.
  4. Select your Country from the drop-down list. If you are enrolling a smartphone, enter your phone number. If you're enrolling a tablet, you will not be prompted to enter a phone number. Click Continue.
  5. Choose your device's Operating system and click Continue.

Install and Link Duo Mobile on Your Device

On the mobile phone you entered above, download the Duo app.

Open Duo and click +. This opens Duo's QR scanner. Point it at the QR code. When complete, the account "New York University" will appear in Duo and a green check will appear on the QR code. Click Continue.

Can't scan the QR? Have an activation link emailed to you and follow the instructions.

Connect NYU and Your Duo Device

  • Log in at start.nyu.edu
  • At the Duo prompt, pause on this screen. Click My Settings & Devices in the left menu, then Send Me a Push and approve authentication.
    • Or, if you are on a mobile device, go to the Setting Menu at the top of the screen to select My Settings & Devices
  • On the My Settings & Devices screen, select these options:
    • Default Device: Select your phone number
    • When I log in: Automatically send this device to a Duo Push
    • Click Save and you’re all set!

Congrats! You're ready to start using Duo Mobile with NYU MFA.

Manage MFA Devices

Add, Update, or Remove a Device

If you need to make changes to an NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) device, add a new phone, or if you want to remove a device follow these step-by-step instructions.

MFA Tips

Stay Logged In

On the MFA authentication screen, select Remember me for 1 day, and you will not have to re-authenticate with MFA for some NYU services for 24 hours—even if you log out. Authenticating for one NYU service carries over to many other services, so you won't have to complete MFA multiple times. However, there are exceptions such as NYU VPN.

Additional MFA Resources

Need Assistance with MFA?

IT Support

NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

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Incoming students are required to use MFA