Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a critical cybersecurity tool used to confirm your identity and helps prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal information and NYU’s network.


NYU MFA: Frequently Asked Questions

No Wi-Fi?

You can still use the Duo Mobile app even if your phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi,  or you do not have a data plan, by using a passcode to authenticate. To generate a passcode, tap the Duo app, then tap Passcode to get the code, then copy and paste the code next to Enter a Passcode on the authentication screen. Read Using the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode.

Notice a New MFA Design?

Your NYU MFA (Duo) login to most NYU services—including NYU Email, Brightspace, and NYUHome—was recently improved. The “Traditional Prompt” you used to see after entering your NetID and password has been replaced by a new “Universal Prompt,” which includes an option to stay MFA-authenticated for 7 days. (Note that a few NYU services will continue to use the Traditional Prompt until they transition to the new experience.)


Watch the video above for a quick overview of the new experience, and see these knowledge articles for step-by-step instructions and video demos: 

What Changed?

  • The first time you log in after October 27, you’ll be prompted to complete a few quick setup steps to link your NYU account
  • The NYU MFA login prompt has been updated to the latest design from Duo, known as the Universal Prompt. It is more secure and offers better accessibility and easier device management
  • “Remember me” has become “Trust browser?” and your MFA authentication can now last for 7 days if you use the same browser
  • After your first login, Duo notifications will automatically be sent to the last MFA method you used
    • You’ll be able to select “Other options” anytime to pick a different MFA method (listed from most to least secure) or add a new device


NYU made this change because Duo is discontinuing its support for the Traditional Prompt. The Universal Prompt is also more secure and provides a better user experience.

Have a Question?

Check out the videos and knowledge articles on this page, which have been updated with support for the new Universal Prompt design. If you need additional support, contact the NYU IT Service Desk.

The MFA Phone Call (“Call Me”) Option Was Eliminated

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, phone calls were eliminated for all NYU community members (the “Call Me” option in the Duo prompt and “phone1” in NYU VPN) as a method of MFA authentication. Instead, everyone should use Duo Push – the easiest, most secure way to authenticate. To regain access, call the IT Service Desk or your school/unit help desk, then switch to Duo Push.