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Not Seeing Your Course?
Check with your instructor to see if they created the course and made it active/visible to students.

Getting Started with NYU Brightspace

From accessing course materials, to collaborating online with classmates and instructors, NYU Brightspace offers a ton of resources to meet your learning goals and needs. Each course that you take at NYU might feature a corresponding course website with learning materials. Most commonly, that website will be a “course site” in the NYU Brightspace.

For an overview of navigating within the system, check out the Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment video, below.


Watch all the videos in the Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment for Learners playlist (YouTube).

Tips for Success

Navigating any online platform can be a little overwhelming at first. Check out the tips below for staying on top of all your coursework and other features that your instructors might use in the NYU Brightspace.

Where in the World Are You Right Now?
NYU Brightspace does not automatically recognize your time zone, so be sure to review the Locale and Language settings for your account. This way, all due dates, deadlines, and scheduled entries will match your current location's time zone.



Get Notification Nudges
Like most technologies, NYU Brightspace allows you to customize the notifications that the system sends you related to your courses and other activities. Consider opting in to email and/or SMS (text) notifications for specific items that might slip your mind, such as responding to discussions and submitting assignments.

Pin Your Current Courses
When you land on the homepage of the NYU Brightspace, you’ll notice a section titled My Courses beneath the welcome banner. By default, all of your courses with published course sites will appear here. Consider adding a pin to courses you need frequent access to. You can also navigate through courses by semester using the tabs in this section. Check out the NYU Brightspace: Navigate the Learning Environment knowledge base article for more helpful tips and recommendations.

Navigating a Course in NYU Brightspace

NYU Brightspace organizes all learning resources (such as the syllabus and course reading materials) in a tab called Content. If you don’t see the Syllabus within the first few Content units, please contact your instructor(s) for assistance.

As you navigate through content in the course, you can track your progress by clicking Progress under your profile, or using the Class Progress tool, available under “More Tools.” This tool provides a visual indicator of content you have visited. For further assistance with navigating in NYUBrightspace, refer to the Servicelink article: Navigate the Learning Environment.


Assignments, Grading, and Assessments

See the knowledge base article categories below on managing assignments, assessments, and reviewing grades in NYU Brightspace.

Communication and Discussion

See the knowledge base article categories below for guidance on how to better facilitate online communication and discussion using NYU LMS (Brightspace).