Tips and Services to Get You through Finals


NYU IT Student Tech Guide: Your one-stop shop for IT service info

The Student Tech Guide provides quick links to tips, tutorials, and general information about NYU IT services and tech resources from Albert to Zoom.

NYU Brightspace: Use VoiceThread and NYU Stream for video and audio projects and presentations

VoiceThread is an asynchronous multimedia discussion and assignment tool that allows users to contribute posts related to a central piece of content, using voice recordings, webcam recordings, annotation, and more to engage with content and each other. NYU Stream is the University's audio and video streaming platform, enabling you to upload media and embed it in a web page.

NYU Drive: Securely share documents and files with colleagues and collaborators

Upload, organize, and share just about any type of file—documents, images, videos, and more—in NYU Drive. Want to control who can view, comment on, or edit a document or entire folder? Learn how to set permissions in NYU Drive.

In NY and need to print? Use

As part of NYU's sustainability guidelines, if you can avoid printing, we recommend you do. However, if you do need to print a final assignment, access the NYU Print Service at Upload your print job, set sustainable print options (such as double-sided and black-and-white printing), and send it to an NYU IT-managed printer in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Need to collaborate with people in different locations? Use NYU Zoom

NYU Zoom enables you to come together virtually to study or discuss a project. You can schedule a session ahead of time and send an invite via email so everyone knows when and where (virtually, that is). You can even set up a Zoom meeting directly in your NYU Calendar using a browser add-on.

LaGuardia and Third North Student Technology Centers: Workstations, software, study space, and games

The LaGuardia and Third North STCs offer many resources for students, including Mac workstations, essential software, A/V equipment, and study spaces—plus video games, for when you need a break.

NYU VPN: Connect from off-campus or use a protected NYU service

If you need to connect from a non-NYU location, such as public Wi-Fi, your home, an alternate workspace, or other location, use NYU VPN (powered by Cisco Secure Client) for an added layer of security. It's available for Mac and Windows computers, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. Some specialized services and databases require VPN if you are connecting from off-campus.

Need tech support? Use the ServiceLink knowledge base or contact the NYU IT Service Desk

The NYU ServiceLink knowledge base contains tips, instructions, tutorials, and issue solutions for many NYU IT services (including Brightspace, Wi-Fi, MFA, password resets, VPN, and more). Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact the NYU IT Service Desk by email or phone for additional support.

Need a break? Check the NYU Events Calendar for shows, exhibits, and more

We know it can be difficult to find a moment to take a breath, but mental wellness is important. If you need a break, or if you've wrapped up and want to celebrate, check the NYU Events Calendar for info about upcoming NYU happenings, including sports and end-of-semester showcases highlighting the work of NYU students.