Why We Need Email Impersonation Security

Cyber criminals are finding new ways to exploit applications, systems, or tools to send malicious messages from email addresses you trust such as @nyu.edu. The Email Impersonation Security service adds a stronger layer of security to help keep your information and NYU’s network safe from cyber criminals.

Received a flagged email?

If you receive a flagged email (see image) or notification and you don’t recognize the sender, or weren’t expecting the message, don’t reply or click any links… just submit a flagged email report.

Sent an email that was flagged?

Email messages or notifications may be flagged as a security risk in NYU Email (Gmail) if the application, system, or tool is not registered with NYU. See below for instructions to register.


Why do we need stronger email security?

Cybercriminals are now posing as NYU community members and using unsecure applications, systems, and tools to send emails or notifications from legitimate email addresses because we're all more likely to open an email or click on a link if it looks like it came from someone we know.

Security breaches are tied to this kind of phishing.

Other than NYU Email, are you currently using an application, system, or tool that sends out communications?

If an email or notification doesn’t meet NYU IT’s security standard it will be flagged as a risk with text added to the subject line [Failed NYU Email Security Check], see image right. If you receive a message with this banner, please submit a flagged email report.

Failed NYU Email Security Check

Make sure you have registered your application, system, or tool to avoid having your emails and notifications flagged. Read these top support articles below to learn more, and use this ServiceLink form to request registration for a new application, system, or tool.

Frequently Used Applications, Systems, or Tools that Send Emails and Notifications:

Already Registered and Ready to Use

This list of commonly used, registered, and approved applications, systems, or tools do not require any action on your part. These are ready to use: Benefits Resource Center (ADP), Email Direct (Emma), NYU Google Services, NYU Brightspace, NYU ServiceLink, PeopleSync (Workday), and Surveys (Qualtrics).

Require User Account Registration

Register your account with NYU to use these applications, systems, or tools to send email to NYU email addresses. The most frequently used include Constant Contact and MailChimp.

Click the links above for more information about these applications, systems, and tools.

See the full list of Registered Applications, Systems, and Tools That Send Out Communications

About Email Impersonation Security