April 2024

I Always Feel Like
My Apps Are Watching Me

The apps on your phone and computer, as well as the websites you visit, collect a huge amount of info about you—even when you're not using them. Find out why they do it and what you can do to limit what apps can collect.

Spring Clean-Up

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Files

Spring has sprung! It's time to give your Google Workspace digital clutter the boot and make room for a fresh start. Take a moment to sift through overflowing folders, delete unnecessary files, and reclaim valuable digital space. Not sure where to begin? Check out these helpful tips for managing your digital storage.

Recycle Your Tech Stuff: Use Technoscrap Bins

Electronics can't be thrown in the trash or a regular recycling bin. Learn more about using the NYU's technoscrap recycling locations, the kinds of things that can go into them, and how to wipe data before you toss things in.

IT Service Tips

Making Images Digitally Accessible

Graphics are a common part of websites, documents, and social media, but they can exclude some people—unless you think about and use them in a way that's digitally accessible. Check out this guide on the newly redesigned Digital Accessibility site to learn how to ensure the info in your images is available to everyone.

How Is NYU IT Doing? Take This 4-Question Survey

Share your thoughts on which NYU IT services are performing well and which ones need improvement. Your input helps focus our resources in the right places to serve you better. This survey is open year-round for students, faculty, and staff to send feedback anytime.

Cybersecurity Quick Tips