Everyone wants to be more secure. Yet it’s only when every NYU Community member does their part that your data and NYU’s network will have the best protection. Find information about how you can increase your cybersecurity, better protect yourself, your personal information, and the NYU community.


Quick Steps to Safe Computing

Cybersecurity Spotlight

Global Office of Information Security

The mission of the Global Office of Information Security (GOIS) is to protect NYU's computer network and the data that is transmitted over that network. GOIS works with University communities in collaborative partnerships to build trust and together support an enterprise-wide information security program.
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Office of Global Privacy & Data Strategy

The Office of Global Privacy and Data Strategy (GPDS) has responsibility for assuring oversight of the personally identifiable information (PII) lifecycle. GPDS collaborates with University partners to create a privacy awareness approach and facilitate compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. Key areas of GPDS include Global Privacy, Enterprise Architecture, and Global Data Strategy.
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