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NYU Zoom is a web, video, and audio conferencing service that can be used for online classes and meetings. Use it for online teaching, training, remote support, audio calls, and meetings.
Faculty: Learn tips for virtual teaching with the Classroom Quick Start Guide (PDF).
Check it out: Personalized Zoom pronouns and display names.

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Zoom Tips for a Better Experience

Become a Zoom pro with features like breakout rooms, filters, and personalized Zoom pronouns and display names! Watch the video about the Zoom Classroom, and read about how to record and share Zoom sessions. Check NYU Zoom Downloads each month for updates. All community members can contact the NYU IT Service Desk for general NYU Zoom support.

Introducing Zoom Whiteboard: Whiteboard is a new feature that enables you to collaborate, in or outside of a Zoom session, with colleagues using a digital drawing board similar to the ones often found in meeting rooms. Find out more and start brainstorming. Find out more.

Zoom Support Corner

IT Support

NYU IT Service Desk is available 24x7. Please email if not urgent.

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Accessibility Best Practices for Zoom

NYU community members should keep the diversity of abilities in mind when planning a Zoom meeting or class. Refer to the Accessible Online Events Resource Guide for detailed information.

Zoom captioning
Zoom has an automatic live captioning feature called Auto-Transcription. This is enabled by the host of the meeting or webinar once it begins. Read more about Zoom captioning

Accessible Content
When sharing digital content incorporate digital accessibility practices. Learn how to make Zoom conversations more accessible to everyone with the Digital Accessibility guide to Zoom Automated Captions.

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