NYU will be introducing storage limits in response to Google’s decision to eliminate free, unlimited storage for higher education clients. 95% of the NYU community will be able to continue using Google services as usual, while 5% of users will be contacted directly to discuss their storage needs. Learn more about these changes.

Please note that Google's updated inactive account policies only apply to personal Google accounts and do NOT impact NYU's Google services or your NYU account.

NYU Google accounts are automatically provided to admitted and enrolled degree students, current and retired employees, alumni, and sponsored affiliates. These accounts provide access to over 60 Google Workspace services, which have varying levels of support and privacy safeguards. The following Google Workspace “Core Services” are official NYU IT services.

(includes Contacts)
NYU Email (Google) provides email accounts for the NYU community.
(includes Docs,
Sheets, Slides,
and Forms)
NYU Drive (Google) is an online document creation, collaboration, and storage service. Users can create, save, and share documents instantly.
Calendar NYU Calendar (Google) makes it easy to find and schedule meetings with other NYU community members and to reserve meeting rooms.
Groups NYU Groups (Google) allows you to create email aliases, mailing lists, discussion boards, and shared mailboxes with other NYU Email users.
NYU Chat (Google) allows NYU community members to communicate via one-to-one or group text/chat and in community-created chat rooms.
Meet NYU Meet (Google) allows NYU community members to communicate in real time via web-based video and audio meetings.

Sites NYU Sites (Google) provides collaborative space for web content creation that is easy to use, update, access, and share.