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Project Overview

Google announced it will eliminate free, unlimited storage for its higher education clients. This change requires storage limits to be placed on every active NYU Google account. All data in NYU Google is affected by the storage limits, including Google Drive, Mail, Photos, and Shared drives.

In December 2023, storage limits were applied to all faculty, staff, and student NYU Google accounts. Beginning November 2024, NYU will incur significant costs associated with Google storage. Our goal is to maintain service quality, minimize disruption, and contain costs while addressing community needs and planning for the future.

How does this impact me?

Check your current storage usage:

  • Below 20GB? You, and more than 95% of the NYU community, are comfortably within the storage limit for Google Workspace. There is no action for you to take. Consider these helpful tips for managing your storage.
  • Near or above 20GB? You were temporarily provided with extra storage and are receiving regular communications from NYU IT and School/Unit IT to support you through this transition. Faculty, staff, and students should take action now to get below 20GB before November 2024. See below for more information.
  • Note: Alumni NYU Google accounts will follow a different timeline. Alumni storage limits will go into effect throughout 2024.

My NYU Google Workspace storage is near or above 20GB. What should I do?

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member with an NYU Google account near or exceeding 20GB, a temporary increased storage limit was placed on your account. While your NYU Google account functionality will not be noticeably impacted until March 3, 2025, we recommend bringing your total NYU Google storage under 20GB before November 1, 2024.

What to do now:

  • Delete data you no longer need: Check your current storage usage and delete files you no longer need or have copies of stored elsewhere. Review these clean-up tips for managing your storage.
  • Download personal data: Use Google Takeout to download your files (e.g., Drive, Mail). Select how you wish to receive the data (e.g., zip file, downloadable link). Once you confirm your Google Takeout data export was successful, return to your NYU Google Workspace account to delete those files.
  • Organize data in an archive: Store long-term records per data retention guidelines using existing, secure storage solutions, including:
  • Establish strong data practices: Leverage Google Shared drives to collaborate with your team and reduce duplicative documents and versions. Delete files from individual Google drives once they are no longer needed.

You will continute to receive regular communications from NYU IT and/or Unit IT with more information and support opportunities. Please read these communications, follow the instructions, and reach out for support.

Partnerships are key to our success

NYU IT is partnering with school and unit representatives to evaluate a wide range of use cases, update storage policies, support archival/backup solutions, and monitor overall storage.

Key NYU leaders are supporting the project goals and decisions:




Please submit questions and feedback through this form. Technical support questions should be submitted through the NYU Google ServiceLink form.

Frequently Asked Questions


Storage Limits

Managing Data