The I-94 is an official US government record of when you enter and depart the United States. Your I-94 record confirms what immigration status you entered the United States in, and the duration of time you can legally remain in the US.

For F and J visa holders, the amount of time is indicated by the notation “D/S” which means you can legally stay in the US for the duration of your status, which means the duration of your student or scholar program. If you have a date listed on your I-94 record instead of D/S, contact us.

Get your I-94 record

You can only access your I-94 AFTER you enter the US.

Review and print your I-94 record

After getting your I-94, review all information, and ensure that it is correct. Print out your I-94 record and keep it with your other immigration documents. You can print and scan your I-94 record for free at NYU ITS stations.

The electronic I-94 record will continue to be available to you while you remain in the US. Once you depart the US, your electronic I-94 record will no longer be available for you to view. Each time you reenter the US, a new electronic I-94 will be created.  

Here's a sample I-94:

Electronic I-94

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