What is the I-94?

The I-94 is an official US government record of when you enter and depart the United States. Your I-94 record confirms what immigration status you entered the United States in, and the duration of time you can legally remain in the US.

For F and J visa holders, the amount of time is indicated by the notation “D/S” which means you can legally stay in the US for the duration of your status, which means the duration of your student or scholar program.

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Locating Your I-94 Record

You can only access your I-94 AFTER you enter the US.

Step 2


Step 2. Click 'Get Most Recent I-94'

Step 3


Step 3. Click 'Consent & Continue'

Step 4

Fill in all boxes with information from your passport, then click 'NEXT'.

Note: 'Passport Country of Issuance' is the country that gave you your passport.

Step 4.  Fill in all boxes with information from your passport, then click 'Next'

Step 5

After getting your I-94, review all information, and ensure that it is correct. Check that the 3 items indicated by the red arrows are accurate and up-to-date. 

Step 5.  Check that ''the Most Recent Date of Entry', 'Class of Admission', and 'Admit Until Date' are accurate.

Print out your I-94 record and keep it with your other immigration documents. You can print and scan your I-94 record for free at NYU ITS stations.

The electronic I-94 record will continue to be available to you while you remain in the US. Once you depart the US, your electronic I-94 record will no longer be available for you to view. Each time you reenter the US, a new electronic I-94 will be created.  

If you have a date listed on your I-94 record instead of D/S, contact us.

Here's a sample I-94:

Electronic I-94

Step 6

If your I-94 record is not found and you get a page that indicates "no I-94 record was found for this user," first review our tips to locate your I-94 if you are unsuccessful in retrieving it and try again.

Step 6.  If you read 'No I94 record was found for this user', review our 'Helpful Tips for Locating Your I-94 Record'

Step 7

If everything is accurate, print the I-94 and save it for your records. It’s helpful to keep both a printed and electronic copy of your I-94.

If you find your record and there are any errors or if you're still unsuccessful in retrieving your I-94, review how to correct your I-94 record if there is anything inaccurate or retrieve your I-94 directly from CBP.


Tips to Locate Your I-94 If You Are Unsuccessful Retrieving It

When attempting to access your I-94 record, ensure that you’ve entered all the data correctly in all applicable fields.

Enter the name as stated in the passport, visa, or the submitted Form DS-160.

Although US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has stated it would draw the name for the Form I-94 from the travel document (e.g., passport biographic page), that is not always the case. The instructions on CBP’s website state that the name is drawn from the visa, if any. Therefore, check the passport, visa, and a copy of the submitted Form DS-160 (if available) for name variations. Try entering the name as stated on each document.

Enter the first and middle name in the First Name field.

In the first name field, type the first and the middle name (if any) with a space in between. Do this even if the middle name is not stated on the passport or visa.

Switch the order of the names.

Switch the last and first name when entering the information on the website. Some countries state the name in the passport as first name, last name, rather than the more standard order of last name, first name. This may cause the name to be recorded incorrectly in the CBP system.

Enter multiple first names or multiple last names without spaces.

If a person has two first names or two last names, type the first names without a space between them or the last names without a space between them. Example: type the first names “Mary Jane” as “Maryjane”

Check for multiple passport numbers. Check the Form DS-160 (if available) for the passport number stated.

If the passport number on the Form DS-160 is different from the passport number on which the person was admitted, type the passport number as stated on the submitted Form DS-160. Also, check the passport number stated on the visa. If the passport number is different from the current passport, enter the passport number stated on the visa.

Do not enter the year if included in the passport number.

Some passport numbers may begin with the year in which the passport was issued, causing the number to be too long for the relevant field in CBP’s automation system. If relevant, try entering the passport number without the year. For example, a Mexican passport that was issued in 2008 may have a passport number that starts with “08” followed by nine digits. Try entering the passport number without the “08.” This problem should not arise for newer Mexican passports, as those passports do not begin with the year.

Check the Classification.

Check the classification designated on the visa and compare it to the classification stated on the admission stamp in the passport, as there may be a slight variation. Be sure to try both designations. For example, the visa may state “E-3D” for an E-3 dependent, but the admission stamp may state only “E-3.” The automated I-94 could state the classification either way.

If You’re Still Unable to Retrieve Your I-94

If none of the above efforts resolve the issue, see how to contact US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to get your I-94 below.

* These tips were assembled by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).


How to Correct Your I-94 If There is Anything Inaccurate or Retrieve Your I-94 Directly from CBP

There are three ways to get your I-94 corrected.

Option 1

Email Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at i94jfk@cbp.dhs.gov. Your email must include:

  • Your name, date of birth, and SEVIS ID number,
  • a PDF image of the biographic page of your passport,
  • a PDF copy of your I-20 or DS-2019
  • a PDF image of your F-1 or J-1 visa, and
  • a PDF image of the CBP admission stamp for the date in question (if you received a stamp upon entering the US).

Generally, CBP will correct your I-94 record within five business days. They may not always email you back, so it's a good idea to check your I-94 record again after five days.

Option 2

Contact the US CBP Traveler Communications Center. Select "I-94" for the topic and "Inaccurate or missing I-94" for the applicable issue. You can also upload any other files that may help them find your record, including

  1. an image of the biographic page of the passport
  2. an image of the non-immigrant visa
  3. an image of the CBP admission stamp for the date in question
US CBP Traveler Communications Center Form Screen shot

Option 3

Contact the CBP Deferred Inspection Site directly. Please note that these sites may have limited hours.