Printing is as easy as  1, 2, 3!

1. Upload Your Document

Go to and upload a document. Choose color or black and white.

2. Find Printer Locations

Go to any conveniently located NYU Print Station. Students, printers are now in many residence halls!

3. Tap Your NYU Card

Tap your NYU Card (or a library guest print card in New York) and print your document!

Each document stays in your NYU Print Service queue for up to 24 hours and won't be printed until you're at the print station.

By default, one double-sided copy will be printed. Visit to adjust the number of copies, single- versus double-sided printing, and to see the cost of your print job.

Other Ways to Print

Printing from Your Device

Install print software and print directly from your device! See below for the NYU Print Service software installers and setup instructions.

Email Your Document

Email your document to For color documents, email your document to

Reduce Waste: Practice Sustainable Printing

Consider the following strategies to print more sustainably:

  • Review documents and only print the pages you need. Use "Print Preview" mode to avoid printing unnecessary pages.
  • Check your settings. Print double-sided and in black & white (color toner has a greater cost and environmental impact).
  • Save ink. When appropriate, adjust margins and font size to use less paper, and consider ink-saving fonts like Calibri, Century Gothic, or an eco-friendly typeface.

About the NYU Print Service