If you are considering requesting a leave of absence, term withdrawal, or total withdrawal, please review the information and instructions below.

Types of Leave and Withdrawal

Leave of Absence

An approved temporary break from University studies for one or more terms with the intent to return for a future term

Non-sanctioned Leave of Absence

Leave resulting from non-enrollment by the add/drop deadline without a formal request for an approved leave of absence

Term Withdrawal

Withdrawal from all classes for a single term

Total Withdrawal

Withdrawal from all University studies before program completion and without intent to return for a future term

Learn more about the Student Leave Policy.

Things to Know Before Making a Request

  • When requesting a leave and/or withdrawal, you accept financial responsibility for all charges, including collection of fees associated with your request, according to the University Refund Policy.
  • Withdrawing can impact your financial aid, including eligibility for federal student aid refunds. Financial aid recipients should contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions.
  • Withdrawing can impact your visa eligibility. International students should contact the Office of Global Services with questions.
  • While on non-sanctioned leave, you are not eligible for NYU student health insurance.
  • If you do not request an approved leave of absence or enroll after one term of non-sanctioned leave, you will be withdrawn from NYU.
  • A term withdrawal or total withdrawal that is requested after the drop/add deadline of the term will result in W grades on your transcript.
  • A leave of absence or withdrawal may affect your campus housing. Contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services at housing@nyu.edu for more information.

How to Request a Leave or Withdrawal

It is important to speak with your school advisor or department if you are considering a leave of absence, term withdrawal, or total withdrawal. Once you have done so and made the decision to submit a request, follow these steps:

To Submit Your Request:

  1. Go to your Albert Student Center.
  2. Select “Request Leave of Absence” or “Request Term/Total Withdrawal” under your “Enrolled Courses.”
  3. An email confirmation will be sent to your NYU email address after your request is submitted.

Do not submit a request for leave of absence or withdrawal if:

  • You want to drop individual classes but will remain registered in other classes.
  • You intend to complete remaining graduation or research requirements that do not require registration for additional credit-bearing classes. Instead, contact your department to discuss options for registering for maintenance of matriculation.