NYU is your university. You belong here.

You are an irreplaceable part of NYU’s uniquely diverse community, a community committed to fostering inclusion, excellence, learning, growth, and leadership of its students.

Through a wide range of student-run clubs and organizations, myriad centers and programs, and numerous opportunities to join or develop committees that positively impact the structure of the University, you become a steward of an intercultural perspective that promotes understanding, inclusivity, and equity.

Connect with like-minded peers, grow through shared experience, and strengthen your network of support across NYU.

Discover student-focused diversity and inclusion educational opportunities developed to continually advance NYU's dedication to equity and belonging.

Connect with the centers, programs, and organizations of your choice—and discover your communities within the NYU community. 


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Global Inclusion and Diversity at NYU

From within the office of President Andrew Hamilton, the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation is committed to building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive NYU—both in New York City and throughout the world.