Learn NYU Brightspace

Learn about NYU’s learning management system using the resources below.


Getting Started as a Faculty/Staff Member

See the Getting Started information on the main NYU Brightspace page for a general overview.

To get started and learn more about the features available to you as a faculty/staff member:

Step 1. Create your Course Site

Read the Servicelink article and watch the video for detailed instructions on how to set up your course site.


Step 2. Learn the Tools


The Classlist tool in your course site allows you to view your course roster, add additional site members who are not part of the official course roster, and email your course.


The Announcements tool allows you to post timely updates that help communicate course updates, changes, and new information to your users quickly and effectively.


The Content tool allows you to upload and organize course materials. You can incorporate a variety of activities into your materials and divide your course by units and lessons.


The Assignments tool allows you to create and edit assignments, view and grade student submissions inline, and return submissions to your students with accompanying grades and feedback.

For an example of how some of these tools can come together in a simple course site setup, see the following 13-minute video: YouTube: NYU Brightspace - A Simple Course Site.

Step 3. See the Brightspace Faculty Checklist

Follow the checklist to get started on your course in NYU Brightspace.

Sign Up for Consultations or Workshops

For additional help, sign up for a one-on-one Consultation or Weekly Workshop. Your school may have more training opportunities to help you get familiar with Brightspace. Please contact your Ed Tech support team for details.


Book a 50-minute appointment to get personalized support from the NYU Brightspace Service Team. We ask that you limit bookings to one per day. Please note: consultations are for exploration and learning. If you need follow-up and or technical assistance, we will submit a NYU IT Help Desk ticket to ensure your request is tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

To schedule an appointment, visit the NYU Brightspace Consultation Calendar and sign up for an available appointment slot. Please include 1-2 goals so that we can prepare to meet your needs.


Dive into a specific pedagogical goal and get ideas on how to use features in NYU Brightspace for teaching and learning. You will receive automated (NYU Zoom) email notifications with details on how to join each session, and you must sign in using your NYU Zoom account. All workshops are recorded and posted on our NYU Stream channel.

See the Training Classes, Consultations, and Workshops section below for a full schedule of upcoming sessions.

Self-Paced Instructor Training 101 Course

Enroll in the self-paced Instructor Training 101 Course to learn on your own time. After enrolling, refresh your Brightspace homepage and look under My Courses to view the site, or click this Brightspace link.

By completing the course you will have learned how to create a course site from scratch and best practices for Gradebook, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions. Estimated time: 10 hours to review all content.

Important Note for NYU's Global Locations

If you are going to be traveling or using NYU Brightspace at one of the university's global locations, be sure to change your time zone in the Locale and Language settings for your account, ensuring that all deadlines and scheduled entries match your current location's time zone. Watch this video to learn how: Getting Started - Manage Account Settings - Instructor

NYU Brightspace Training and Workshops

Your school may have additional training opportunities to help you get familiar with Brightspace. Please contact your Ed Tech support team for details.