This page provides the latest information on newly available and upcoming features for NYU Brightspace. Note that, because Brightspace is developed by an external vendor, NYU IT does not control or have long-term insight into the product’s development roadmap. NYU IT will continue to keep this page updated on an ongoing basis, should changes occur.

Tools & Features - What’s New

Brightspace Editor

  • Equations render consistently for all users
    • To improve consistency in Brightspace Editor, this release updates the Editor so that it renders all equations during editing or creation in the same MathJax format as when published. This helps with correct formatting and spacing of equations, which makes it easier to review work prior to publishing.


  • The following integrations have been upgraded to the LTI Advantage, providing more security and additional functionality:
    • Course Reserves
    • Elsevier Evolve
    • Perusall
    • W.W. Norton InQuizitiv and Smartwork
  • Peerceptiv Tandon
    • The Peerceptiv integration is now available to all Tandon course sites. Peerceptiv is managed by the Tandon School of Engineering. For support, contact or visit NYU Servicelink.

New Content Experience

  • There is an improved create and edit experience for topics in Discussions within the New Content Experience. During the creation or editing of a discussion topic in the New Content Experience, users can modify the:
    • Topic association to a forum
    • Title
    • Grade Out Of
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Release Conditions
    • Visibility

Release Conditions

  • This release alters the existing release conditions for Discussions by adding a new “Replies Only” option to the “Posts authored in topic” and “No post authored in topic” condition types drop-down menus. This helps instructors release material, or not release material, based solely on replies. Previously the only options were “New Threads Only” and “Threads and Replies”.


  • Removal of legacy Rubric assessment type for learning objectives associated with quizzes
    • When creating a new quiz that has an associated learning objective, the Assessment Type drop-down menu no longer includes the Rubrics assessment type.

Tools & Features - What’s Here

External Learning Tools

  • This update now allows instructors to edit the grade passback options for External Learning Tools added to the Content area of a course site. The options allow instructors to associate the grade with an existing column in the gradebook, create a new grade column (default), or change to ungraded. If an External Learning Tool is reset to ungraded it will allow the instructor to delete the column from the gradebook.

Tools & Features - What’s Coming

The following are upcoming features and enhancements are being worked on by the vendor. As noted above, NYU IT does not control or have long-term insight into the product’s development roadmap.

Note: all upcoming features and their timing are subject to change by the vendor.


  • New create and evaluate experiences (anticipated Summer 2023, pending vendor)

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