This page provides the latest information on newly available and upcoming features for NYU Brightspace. Note that, because Brightspace is developed by an external vendor, NYU IT does not control or have long-term insight into the product’s development roadmap. NYU IT will continue to keep this page updated on an ongoing basis, should changes occur.

Tools & Features - What’s New

Brightspace Editor

The following tools and editors now support the drag/drop and copy/paste functionality:

  • Quizzes > Feedback
  • Grades > Feedback
  • Grades > Comments
  • Discussions > Feedback

Manage Files

New warning message is displayed when uploading a file blocked due to security.


Verbiage Update to “Submission Views”

  • The “Submission Views” tab has now been renamed as “Student Feedback Views” to provide clarity around the settings.

Tools & Features - What’s Here


The following labels have been renamed in the new assignment creation experience:

  • "Score out of" is now "Grade out of"
  • "In Grades" is now "In Gradebook"
  • "Choose in Grades" is now "Edit or Link to Existing"
  • "Remove from Grades" is now "Not in Gradebook"


Updates to "Anonymous Posting" language

  • Updated verbiage that displays to instructors and students around anonymous posts in the Discussions tool, notifying them that instructors can still view the identities of anonymous posters.

Rich Text Editor

The drag/drop and copy/paste functionality of images is now available in the following areas that contain no user-specific data:

  • Content Module/Topic Descriptions
  • Quiz/Survey/Self-Assessment - Description, Header. Footer
  • Grades - Description
  • Content Course Overview descriptions
  • Discussion Forum/Topic descriptions
  • Note: Similar to current functionality, image files added to these areas are saved in the root of the Manage Files area of the organization unit the user is currently in.


When a rubric is collapsed, instructors can now see if the rubric is complete. If the rubric is complete, the collapsed rubric shows the overall level of the rubric, and if the rubric is not complete, the number of unscored criteria appears on the tile.

Tools & Features - What’s Coming

The following are upcoming features and enhancements are being worked on by the vendor. As noted above, NYU IT does not control or have long-term insight into the product’s development roadmap.

Note: all upcoming features and their timing are subject to change by the vendor

Improved capabilities for date management (anticipated December, pending vendor)
New discussion evaluation experience (anticipated December, pending vendor)

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