Tuition and Fees

If you are registered for classes, you are responsible for all costs (tuition and fees) associated with your courses. Please be aware that if you have decided not to participate in the Precollege program, you must drop your classes via NYU Albert and notify the Office of University Programs in writing at prior to the start of the program so that you are no longer responsible for the costs. Students are not charged tuition or fees until after they register for class.

In general, the tuition for NYU Precollege can be calculated by multiplying the cost per credit by the number of credits you would like to take. Below you will find a chart that provides some sample breakdowns of tuition and fees.

Precollege Tuition and Fees Breakdown

Credits/Units Tuition Fees Total
-- $600 $600
1 $1,630 $527 $2,157
2 $3,260 $600 $3,860
$4,890 $673 $5,563
4 $6,520 $746 $7,266
$8,150 $819 $8,969
6 $9,780 $892 $10,672
7 $11,410 $965 $12,375
$13,040 $1,038 $14,078

Totals do not include course-specific fees, such as lab or equipment fees, if applicable.

Students are able to take anywhere between 0 to 8 credits (1-3 classes) and should refer to the Precollege course search to determine the number of credits awarded for each course.  

The Summer Writing Workshop is the only non-credit Precollege course being offered in Summer 2023. The cost of the Summer Writing Workshop is $600.00. Please note that financial aid is not offered for non-credit classes.

Additional Fees

  • Program Fee: $300
  • Housing and Dining: $3,827 

Fees for International Students

  • NYU International Student Fee: $90
  •  1-20 Processing Fee: $50
  •  DS-160 Processing Fee: $160
  •  SEVIS Fee: $350 (F-1 visas) or $220 (J-1 visas)
  •  Student Health Insurance: $87/week (summer term rate)
  • Health Insurance Fee (international students only): International students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the NYU-sponsored insurance plan. Further details about waiving the NYU sponsored plan can be found on the Student Health Center website. 

Note: The DS-160 and SEVIS fees are US government fees, not NYU fees. 


A limited number of scholarships are available for Precollege to academically qualified students who demonstrate a high level of financial need. Please note that scholarships will not cover the full cost of the program for any recipients.

Students who are interested in financial aid should submit their Precollege application by March 25 to ensure they can submit the scholarship application by the scholarship deadline, which is April 1.

Students interested in applying for an NYU Precollege scholarship should complete the following steps:  

  • When filling out the online Precollege application, select "Yes" in response to the question "Are you interested in applying for a scholarship?".
  • Within 48 hours of submitting the online application, students will receive an email with instructions for submitting the scholarship application.
  • Students will be directed to activate their NYU credentials (which will be included in the email) in order to access the scholarship application.
  • Complete and submit the scholarship application. There are no supplemental materials that need to be submitted, as students will self-report family household financial information directly from the 1040.  

Scholarship information will be reviewed by the NYU Office of Financial Aid and decisions will be emailed directly to student's NYU email accounts beginning in late March. Students will not receive decisions about scholarships until AFTER they receive their admissions decision.


Please refer to the list below for answers to our frequently asked questions about applying for a Precollege scholarship.