NYU's programs for high school students offer opportunities to dig deeper into your favorite academic subjects, level-up your skills, and test-drive the college experience before you take the next big step on your journey.

Explore the Possibilities

Whatever your academic interests or goals, NYU has a program for you. Led by NYU faculty, our high school programs are designed to introduce students to college-level concepts and scholarship, and empower them to forge exciting academic pathways in a variety of fields. Plus, students get to experience first-hand what it's like to be an NYU student.

High school students can choose from programs, workshops, and courses offered in the summer and throughout the academic year in every academic subject. Start exploring programs in your favorite area of study.

Be Your Boldest  

Experience first-hand the dynamic, intellecutally rigorous environment of an NYU classroom studying with top faculty and peers from across the U.S. and around the world who share your passion.

NYU high school programs offer immersive, hands-on experiences that broaden perspectives and empower students with skills needed to bring their ideas to life. Aspiring artists, scientists, coders, designers, writers, entrepreneurs and more can take advantage of all that NYU has to offer, including world-class instruction and campus facilities.

Learn Beyond the Classroom

At NYU, students take advantage of the boundless cultural and academic experiences on offer in New York City. Field trips to NYC's world-famous museums, performance spaces, and institutions will inspire you to broaden your perspecitve, dream big, and discover new passions.

Prepare for College Success

Beyond empowering students with college-ready skills in their academic field of interest, NYU offers experiences that prepare students for the admissions process and help them thrive in the transition to college life.

Enhance your high school transcript, build your artistic portfolio, get a head-start on a future degree, and gain experience that will help you build your college list and chart a path to an exciting academic future.

High school students take advantage of resources and workshops designed just for them, like our College 101 summer workshop series that demystifies the college application process and builds college-ready skills, like library research and essay writing.

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