We want to reward the hard work you’ve done in high school or college—which is why, after you have been admitted, your NYU school, college, or department will determine how much transfer credit you are eligible to receive towards your degree. Here are the maximum amounts of transfer credit that NYU awards:

  • First-Year Students: Up to 32 credits
  • Transfers: Up to 64 credits (see “Transfer Students” below for more details) 

After you are admitted, the school, college, or department that admits you will determine how many college and high school (if applicable) credits will carry over.

High School Courses

Refer to the guidelines below for information on receiving credit.

AP credit/advanced standing may be awarded if:

  • Received scores of 4 or 5
  • Tests taken before graduation

IB credit/advanced standing may be awarded if:

  • Received scores of 6 or 7 on higher level exams
  • Tests taken before graduation

Information about other country-specific exams used for credit/advanced standing can be found here.

College/University Courses

If you took college courses while still in high school or while attending another university or college, we’ll need to see all transcripts to determine how many credits carry over to NYU. Contact your NYU school, college, or department of interest for their specific requirements for awarding credit. Credit may be awarded if:Courses appear on a college transcript

  • Courses appear on a college transcript
  • You received a grade of “C” or better (courses taken on a Pass/Fail grading basis are not eligible for transfer credit)
  • NYU offers corresponding courses
  • Courses have been taken within last 10 years

Transfer Students

Please keep in mind that:

  • Once enrolled at NYU, you can expect to take at least 64 additional credits to earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • NYU Steinhardt accepts up to a maximum 72 transfer credits, which may reduce the number of additional credits required for the bachelor’s degree. This does not apply to other NYU schools and colleges.
  • With the exception of the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies in the School of Professional Studies, we don’t award credit for non-traditional forms of learning like life experiences, work, internships, and military service. 
  • After you’re admitted to NYU, you’ll be able to go online to see a preliminary range of how much credit you’re likely to be awarded.
  • Your NYU school, college, or department has final say on which credits will be honored.
  • With the exception of certain programs within the School of Professional Studies, transfer credit is not awarded for non-traditional learning formats, such as certificate programs, vocational training programs, or life experience.  Exceptions are made in other schools of NYU for certain types of military credit that are applicable to degree program requirements.

Other NYU Campuses

NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai do not offer credit for any examinations or previous coursework.