Humanities and social sciences provide a lens through which to understand people, societies, and cultures. Through NYU high school programs that explore subjects like literature, history, psychology, anthropology, and more, you can broaden your perspective and build a strong academic foundation that will help you excel in a variety of fields.

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Students of the humanities are driven to understand the myriad forces and influences that shape the human experience. Through NYU high school programs, students can take courses in subjects like English literature, languages, psychology, history, antrhopology, and much more.

Led by NYU faculty, our high school Humanities & Social Sciences programs are designed to broaden student perspectives and advance their critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. These programs will give you a strong base from which to pursue a variety of academic and career paths, including law, business, politics, and medicine, among many others.

NYU provides a diverse, dynamic and academically rigorous environment, where high school students can explore big questions complex ideas alongside intellectually curious peers.

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