Accelerate your knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through NYU's innovative, hands-on programming for high school students. From coding and robotics to life sciences and math, you can begin to master college-level concepts and use of cutting-edge technology in exciting STEM fields.

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NYU high school STEM programs are led by faculty at the Tandon School of Engineering and College of Arts and Science and designed to introduce students to advanced STEM concepts and their real-world applications.

Students at all levels of STEM experience will find opportunities to strenthen their academic skills and gain hands-on experience applying their knowledge through fun and collaborative projects and problem solving activities.

Choose from programs that offer opportunities to conduct lab research, design and program your own video games, build robots, or earn credits in college-level math and science courses. You'll gain mentorship from STEM faculty and researchers while building a strong academic foundation that will help you excel in college and beyond.

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