Interested in applying for an NYU High School or Middle School Program? These resources will help you take the next step. If you have additional questions, we welcome you to reach out to us at

Submitting an Online Application

Students can apply to NYU High School and Middle School programs using the online application forms available on each program webpage. (Explore all high school and middle school programs).

Application requirements vary across programs, but most include basic biographical information, information about the applicant's academic history, and official or unofficial school transcript, and information about the applicant's interest in the program.

Once you submit the online application form, you will receive an email confirming that you have applied or instructing you to complete any outstanding application requirements.

Required Program Forms

In order to participate in most NYU High School, Middle School, and special programs, you’ll need to submit the appropriate required forms at least 2 weeks before the program start date.

Following admission to one of our programs, you will receive an email with links to forms and submission instructions. If you do not receive a program form email or you have difficulty with the submission process, please contact NYU University Programs at or 212-998-2292.


Scholarships are available for select High School and Middle School programs. You can find information about financial aid availability and application deadlines as they pertain to each program on the program webpage. 

Housing Information

On-campus housing in NYU residence halls is available for select High School programs during the summer.

Details about housing options for residential summer offerings are provided in each individual program page. Explore all summer programs

High School Programs Handbook

The aim of NYU High School and Middle School Programs is to prepare students for success at the college level and beyond. Therefore, pre-collegiate students are held to the same expectations as our undergraduates, both inside and outside the classroom.

As you prepare to participate in a program at NYU, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student and member of our community. The rules and policies outlined in our Handbook have been established to foster a rewarding  academic, personal, and social experience for all. Any questions about the Handbook may be addressed to or 212-998-2292.


New York University is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and participation for all students. Participants of our High School and Middle School Programs will have access to appropriate and reasonable accommodations offered through the Moses Center for Student Accessibility (CSA).

If you have been admitted to one of our programs and are interested in learning more about accessibility accommodations and resources, please contact to be connected to an Accessibility Specialist.