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At the NYU Office of Financial Aid, we provide guidance to help families maximize their financial aid options and minimize confusion in order to make an NYU education possible.

We’d like to welcome all new New York University students. To ease your entrance to the university, we’ve put together key information you’ll need to manage your aid successfully.


As a student at New York University, it’s important that you understand how your financial aid works and how to keep it. Each year, you will have to reapply for federal aid by filling out the FAFSA. The FAFSA suggested filing date is May 1. There are other factors to keep in mind in order to maintain your aid.

We are also required to verify the identities of a portion of our student population receiving federal aid.

Graduate Students

If you’re entering New York University as a graduate student, you should check with your department about important deadlines for scholarships, grants, and loans.

Graduate students should also fill out the FAFSA each year, submitting it by May 1, to be reviewed for federal aid eligibility.