Selecting a Plan

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to paying for college.

New York University offers a selection of payment plans to make paying for your education easier. Read more to decide which one is right for you.

Deferred Payment Plans

Deferred Payment Plans allow you to pay half of your tuition up front and pay the rest later in the semester.

Deferred Payment Plans are open to students who:

  • Are enrolled in courses and/or on-campus housing
  • Have maintained good financial standing with the University
  • Do not have any past due University charges or loans

If your initial payment is paid by wire transfer (non USD account), paper check, cash, tuition remission or a 3rd party sponsor credit, you must wait for the payment to post on your account before you can enroll in the plan.

Please note:

  • College of Dentistry: Enrollment for students is open to those in their First Year DDS, Advanced Standing, and Postgraduate Dental students. Dental students in other programs can enroll in the regular Deferred Payment Plan.
  • Leonard N. Stern School of Business: The Deferred Payment Plan is available to students who are not enrolled in the executive programs.

Fall 2023

Plan enrollment for Fall 2023 opens on July 19 for most programs with the exception of the College of Dentistry, which opens on June 9.

Initial Payment (50%) Payment Due Date
Second Payment (25%) October 10, 2023
August 15, 2023 (College of Dentistry)
Final Payment  (25%) November 7, 2023
October 17, 2023 (College of Dentistry)

Summer 2023

Plan enrollment for Summer 2023 opens on April 11 for most programs

Initial Payment (50%) Payment Due Date
Final Payment  (50%) June 13, 2023

Spring 2023

Plan enrollment for Spring 2023 opens on November 30 for most programs.

Initial Payment (50%) Payment Due Date
Second Payment (25%) February 28, 2023
Final Payment  (25%) April 4, 2023

Terms and conditions apply to all Deferred Payment Plans and include:

  • A non-refundable $50 application fee included with the initial payment
  • An interest rate of one percent per month applied to all unpaid balances after the final due date
  • A $25 fee is applied each time a payment is late

Apply for a deferred payment plan through eSuite.

Nelnet (previously Tuition Management Systems)

Through a partnership with Nelnet, New York University offers a semester-based payment plan. By enrolling, you can spread out the cost of a semester over four monthly, interest-free payments using a USD bank account.

Fall semester plan due dates begin August 1 and run through November 1. Spring semester plan due dates begin January 1 and run through April 1.

Terms and conditions apply to the Nelnet plan and include:

  • A non-refundable $50 enrollment fee for each semester
  • Not available for students enrolled in the Leonard N. Stern School of Business Executive Programs
  • Not available for DDS, PG, and International Programs students in the College of Dentistry 
Explore enrollment.
Fall 2023 Payment Plan available on 7/19/2023    
Last day to enroll online Required down payment # of payments Payments due
07/29/23 0% 4 08/01/23, 09/01/23, 10/01/23, 11/01/23
08/23/23 25% 3 09/01/23, 10/01/23, 11/01/23

Fixed Payment Plan

By enrolling in the Fixed Payment Plan, you can pay a fixed price for up to a maximum of eight semesters.

Fixed tuition is calculated from the cost of tuition in effect at the start of the first semester for which you register. Those amounts are then multiplied by the number of semesters you’d like to pay ahead.

Fixed Payment Plans are open to students who:

  • Are enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs
  • Do not receive any form of financial aid, loans, or scholarships

Please note: The Fixed Payment Plan does not cover summer semesters or part-time study. Explore enrollment.