It is your responsibility to ensure that your application information and all supporting documents are truthful and correct. NYU reserves the right to verify any information provided as part of your application. Providing any false or misleading information in your application (such as test scores, resumes, transcripts, recommendations, essays, etc.) directly or through a third party, is grounds for admission rejection, revocation and/or dismissal from NYU.

Agents & Third Parties

NYU does not support the use of agents or for-profit organizations in the Undergraduate Admissions application process. We work directly and exclusively with applicants, schools, local governments, Education USA, the Institute of International Education, and non-profit and community based organizations.

Though you may seek advice during the application process, it is your responsibility to ensure that your application and all supporting documentation is truthful and correct. Hiring or enlisting anyone to complete any portion of your application for you is a violation and will be considered fraud. NYU regularly verifies documents and submissions to protect against fraud and plagiarism.