Authenticity and integrity is the cornerstone of the admissions process at NYU. It is our expectation that our applicants act in good faith to submit original applications that are truthful and accurate. In turn, we take great care to review applications and make admissions decisions in good faith.

Our admissions committee works directly with applicants, schools, and local governments, as well groups including EducationUSA, the Institute of International Education, and other non-profit and community based organizations so that students are able to get appropriate guidance on the application process, regardless of the resources directly available to them through their schools. NYU encourages applicants to exercise caution when working with outside agencies, particularly those who claim to have the “inside scoop” or guarantee admission to NYU.

In the event that a student is found to have applied with any type of falsified information, the student's application, admission, or enrollment status will be revoked.

Students and counselors are welcome to contact with questions or concerns.