Professionals, Returning Students, and More

Whether you’ve been working for several years and are now considering a bachelor’s degree, or you simply want to enhance your resume, NYU has options for you. We also offer programs for underserved or disadvantaged students from New York who will attend NYU and Precollege programs for NYC middle and high school students.

Please note that NYU undergraduate admissions only manages enrollment for the second bachelor’s degrees. For the other programs, contact the appropriate departments directly.

Relatives of Alumni

The term "legacy admissions" refers to favoring applicants who have a relative - typically a mother or father, but sometimes also a sibling or more distant relative - who previously attended a college or university. However, being the relative of an NYU alum is not and has not been a factor we take into consideration in our admissions decision-making.

NYU is always delighted when the children of alums apply and, if admitted, enroll.  It's a source of real pride to us, just as it is likely a source of special pride within an applicant's family. 

The School of Professional Studies

Second Bachelor’s

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, NYU has three programs that allow you to earn a second bachelor’s:

Students in the Military and Veterans

While there is no separate application process for those who have served in the military, NYU does have additional offices, resources, and benefits for military members and veterans.

Medical and Healthcare Professions

  • The Postbaccalaureate Prehealth Studies Program gives those with a bachelor’s degree not in a program with a pre-medical or pre-health focus the opportunity to earn credits required for admission to medical schools in the United States.
  • As part of the Dental Hygiene Programs through the NYU College of Dentistry, you can earn an associate's degree or study in one of three bachelor's degree programs.

Returning to NYU

Opportunity Programs for New York Residents (College and Pre-College)