After submitting your application it's important to periodically check on its status to ensure it is complete and no additional information is needed. You may use the button to access the NYU Applicant Portal and check the status of your application. Additionally, you can find information below about common forms or documents you may be asked to submit after applying.

I’ve been asked to complete the SRAR. Now what?

First, some background! The Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is designed to allow you, the applicant, to submit your academic record without needing to rely on a high school counselor or other administrator. That puts you in the driver’s seat for more components of your application, and for students who don’t have easy access to college counseling, that can be the difference between being able to apply to college, and being edged out of the process.

You will be able to access the SRAR through your NYU Applicant Portal. You’ll need to have your high school transcript with you, because each course you’ve taken throughout high school will need to be captured exactly as it appears on your transcript. Here are a few additional points you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • Enter your grades exactly as they appear on your high school transcript or your score report. We can’t say this enough.
  • Enter your final grades for each course on grades 9-11 and all current and scheduled senior year courses from your transcript on your academic record. Under the drop-down titled Grade, please select “IP - In Progress” for those courses for which you do not yet have official grades, including semester two.
  • If you have received a term (e.g. semester, trimester) grade or final grade for a course, you may record the grade. Please record “IP -In Progress” for the remaining term(s) for the course.
  • Do not make any changes to the grades as they appear on your transcript: no need to weight them, or convert to another scale, or average any grades.
  • If your school gives final official grades by term or semester, then list each course with its final grade by term or semester. You may list the same course twice if repeated in a different term. Give the final grade for each term if that is how it appears on your year-end final transcript.
  • If you have a course whose exact name is not listed in SRAR, just type it in as it appears on your transcript.

You may run into some obstacles that aren’t covered here. You can reach out to our office via email at for guidance, but if your question is around the particulars of how to enter a course or grade, you should check the “Help” feature in the SRAR portal to reach out to SRAR directly.