Students working at computers

NYU Tandon's Summer Program for Machine Learning is a two-week course that introduces high school students to the computer science, data analyses, mathematical techniques, and logic that drive the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Innovations and new applications of these fields are emerging every day: in video and image recognition technologies; interactive voice controls for homes; autonomous vehicles; real-time monitoring and traffic control; cutting-edge diagnostic medical technologies; and in ever more aspects of our daily lives.

The Machine Learning program is overseen by faculty from the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments and their graduate students. It's a unique opportunity to learn directly from some of today's most innovative researchers in the field. Students will learn the core principles in machine learning such as model development through cross validation, linear regressions, and neural networks. They will develop an understanding of how logic and mathematics are applied both to "teach" a computer to perform specific tasks on its own and to improve continuously at doing so along the way.

How to Apply

This program is open to high school students currently enrolled in grades 9, 10, or 11 who have successfully complete Algebra 2 (or equivalent) and have some computer programming experience (in any language). Competitive applicants will have a minimum 3.0 GPA or equivalent.

To apply, submit the online application, which includes the following components:

  • Questions related to your personal and academic information
  • High school transcript
  • Four short essay responses

International applicants must also submit proof of English language proficiency.

Areas of Study

Student Life

Machine Learning is an in-person program that takes place on NYU’s Washington Square Park campus in New York’s West Village. Students can elect to live on-campus in one of our residence halls along with other high school program students or to commute to classes and program activities.

Students attend classes Monday through Friday and have scheduled time each day to work independently or collaboratively on daily assignments and weekly projects designed to give them a solid foundation of the principles of AI and machine learning and the skills needed to formulate and solve machine learning problems.

Outside of class, students can take advantage of on-campus activities and events for NYU’s summer high school students, where they can connect with students from around the world that share their academic interests and intellectual curiosity. Students can also take advantage of organized field trips to NYC attractions, like Broadway, Yankee Stadium, and museums.


Program Dates

Session 1:
June 20 - 30
(Orientation June 16)

Session 2:
July 10 - 21
(Orientation July 7)

Session 3:
July 31 - August 11
(Orientation July 28)


$2,500 Tuition 
$100 Materials fee
$100 Events fee
$610 Housing (optional)
$360 Meal Plan (optional)


Application Deadline
April 20