There are many ways in which NYU students can engage with employers in order to find job/internship opportunities and access career advice. The On-Campus Interviews (OCI) program is one of those avenues for NYU juniors, seniors, and graduate students specifically.

September through April, organizations from a wide variety of industries connect with the Wasserman Center to interview both undergraduate and graduate students for their open full time roles or internships through OCI. This year, OCI will be operating under a hybrid model. Interviews will be conducted both in person at the Wasserman Center, or virtually, depending on the preferences of the employer.

OCI is open to students in the Class of 2024 for full-time employment after graduation (excluding Law, Medicine, Dentistry and M.B.A. students) and students in the Class of 2025 for summer 2024 internships.

Participate in OCI

In order for NYU students to gain access to OCI, they must read the On- Campus Interviews (OCI) Orientation Manual in its entirety and submit a final quiz at the end. After submitting the final quiz, students will gain access to view and apply for OCI positions in the Handshake "Jobs" section within 3-4 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). 

We highly recommend that students have their resume reviewed and prepare for interviews by scheduling an appointment with a career coach. A sharp resume, powerful cover letter, and polished interviewing and professional networking skills are the keys to success in a job or internship search.

OCI Policies

On-Campus Recruitment

Office Locations



Fall 2023 Recruitment Dates:

(*No interviews or events)

  • September 5: Fall term classes begin
  • September 6: Employer presentations begin (full-time and internship)
  • September 11: Interviews begin (full-time and internship)
  • September 15: Fall 2023 Job & Internship Fair*
  • September 25: No interviews or events
  • October 9: NYU Fall Break*
  • November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break*
  • December 15: Last day of classes, interviews & employer presentations

Spring 2024 Recruitment Dates: 

  • January 23: Spring classes begin; Employer presentations begin
  • January 29: Interviews begin (full-time and internship)
  • February 14: NYU Spring Internship Fair (in-person)
  • February 19: Presidents' Day*
  • March 18-22: NYU Spring Break*
  • April 3: NYU Spring Job Fair (in-person)
  • May 6: Last day of spring classes; Last day of employer presentations & interviews