Current Service Status: Last Updated April 27, 2021

Card Services Centers are open offering regular business hours. Please email with inquiries.

Get the most out of your NYUCard

Working much like a bank debit card, money can be placed in an account that can be drawn upon for purchase of goods and services at over 250 locations across Campus. Please note that beginning August 1, 2018, Campus Cash will no longer be accepted at off-campus merchants.

About NYUCard

The NYUCard is a must for all NYU Faculty, Administration and Staff members. The NYUCard should be carried at all times while on campus. The card, which identifies you as Faculty, Administration or Staff, entitles you to various privileges and potential uses on campus. Your NYUCard entitles you to a discount in the NYU Bookstore and allows you to access selected NYU buildings, campus transportation and computer centers located throughout campus.

Students must have an NYUCard in order to request services at the Student Services Center and to gain entry to the residence halls, libraries, Coles, Palladium Sports Centers, and other University buildings. Do not lend this card to anyone at any time for any reason. You can be subject to disciplinary proceedings if you are involved in fraudulent use of a NYUCard. If you should terminate your stay at NYU, please return your card to the NYUCard Center. In Washington Square, The NYUCard Center is located inside the Lobby on the ground floor of 7 Washington Place (at the corner of Mercer Street). In Brooklyn, the NYUCard Center is located inside of 2 MetroTech Center on the ground floor.

Business hours for the Card Center located on the Washington Square campus are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Card Center at Washington Square is not open on the weekends.

Business hours for the Card Center located at the Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays only. The Card Center in Brooklyn is not open on the weekends.

During business hours, the Card Center staff can assist you by producing new ID cards, generating replacement ID cards, and addressing any access-related issues that you might experience. To request an NYUCard, please bring with you government issued identification with a current photo, and your N number or NetID. 

After business hours, day passes may be obtained from NYU Public Safety's 561 LaGuardia Place location. Cards will not be printed or disseminated after business hours.

Students who need to replace a lost NYUCard will have the $25 replacement fee billed directly to their Bursar Accounts. Non-students may also replace an NYUCard: During business hours, the lost card fee may be paid via cash or Campus Cash; after business hours, only cash payments will be accepted. It is important to not punch a hole in your NYUCard. Your NYUCard is a proximity card that includes a microchip and an antenna, punching a hole in your card will damage the microchip or antenna rendering it unreadable, and will result in a replacement charge of $25.

Please note that the Card Center’s hours are subject to change. Information about our schedule may be obtained via this web page or by calling (212) 443-2273.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Card Center at or 212-443-CARD (2273).

Updating Your Preferred Name

NYU community members may update their preferred name for display on their NYU ID cards. Please see the links below for instructions on how to update your preferred name based on your affiliation.

Obtaining a Retiree NYUCard

Upon their retirement, employees are eligible to trade in their current NYUCard for a retiree NYUCard. Retired employees maintain the same general NYUCard swipe access they have as active NYU employees (e.g., Bobst, Kimmel and the turnstiles and/or front doors across the main academic buildings during regular business hours).

Below are the steps to obtaining a retiree NYUCard:

1.    Retiree must contact the Human Resources partner for their department or unit and ensure their classification is updated to ‘Retiree’.

2.    Once their classification is updated, Retiree must wait 24 hours before the change will appear in the NYUCard database.

3.    After the waiting period, Retiree may visit the card centers at 7 Washington Place in Manhattan or 2 MetroTech Center in Brooklyn during regular business hours to trade their employee NYUCard for a retiree NYUCard. The employee card must be surrendered at the time of the trade.

Please note: Retired faculty members can request NYUCards for their dependent family members by contacting PeopleLink.