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Campus Cash Refund

Please fill out this form to receive your refund. Campus Cash balances do not expire and roll over from term to term.

Refunds will be issued to the direct deposit account you have set up in eSuite. If you are not enrolled for direct deposit in eSuite, your refund will be issued and mailed as a check to your Permanent address listed in Albert. Please check Albert to make sure your address is current. We encourage all students to enroll in direct deposit.

Benefits of Campus Cash

  1. Convenience - Campus Cash is widely accepted on campus.
  2. Safety - You don't have to worry about carrying around cash, credit cards, or debit cards.  Your money is secure and if your card needs to be replaced the funds are immediately available.
  3. No Risk - Campus Cash does not expire and it is fully refundable when you leave the university.
  4. Saves Time - No need to wait for change, just swipe and go.
  5. Saves Money - Campus Cash purchases at NYU Dining Halls are tax free for students.

Making Deposits

Making a deposit to your Campus Cash Account is simple and convenient. If your funds run low during the term, you or your guests may add funds to your Campus Cash Account by using Campus Cash on-line. Students, faculty, and staff can access Campus Cash on-line.