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Please note: You can always call or email PeopleLink to schedule appointments via phone or Zoom.

You can schedule an appointment on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m to 3 p.m.

For NYU Langone related inquiries kindly reach out to your NYU Langone HR representative, as Peoplelink does not handle these inquiries.

NYU Langone School of Medicine (HR)
Phone No : 212-404-3787 (HR)
Email: NYUbenefits@nyumc.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits am I eligible for and how do I enroll in them?

Benefits at NYU are based on your role at the University. For more details about what benefits are offered for your job position, be sure to review the Benefits Drop Down above.

For active employees seeking to enroll in Benefits, you must do so through the Benefits Resource Center, via NYUHome.
Benefits Resource Center FAQs

What is PeopleSync and how do I use it?

PeopleSync is the University’s system used to manage HR and Payroll information. Employees can use this system to manage and update their personal data. Multi-Factor Authentication is required to maintain your privacy.

To review more on PeopleSync and Multi-Factor Authentication, please review the Welcome to NYU drop-down above!

Something seems to be wrong with my pay. Can you help?

While PeopleLink Representatives can review your payment details, we do not have the authority to correct them.

  • If you believe you are missing hours on your paycheck, be sure to follow-up with your time sheet approver for clarification.
  • If you have questions regarding your taxation, please consult with a trained, tax professional for the most accurate tax information.
  • If you believe you were paid incorrectly, please contact PeopleLink.

To learn more about Payroll at NYU, including payment schedules and how to use our PeopleSync Time & Absence system, please be sure to review the Payroll drop-down above.

I'm interested in career opportunities at NYU. What is my first step?

Visit Careers at NYU to explore available job opportunities for faculty, administrators and staff.  

Can you assist with Student Inquiries?

While we do assist with certain Student related inquiries, students of the University may be better suited to contact their individual schools, the StudentLink Center and/or one of the many resources noted in the Student Resources drop-down above.

If you're unsure, you can always reach out to us for further guidance!