We’re so glad you’re interested in learning more about life after NYU and what all being an NYU alum entails! While we’ve tried our best to make this array of benefits easy to access, we recognize that some technological aspects of the benefits are not particularly straightforward (especially if we haven’t been in touch with you for a long time). So, we wanted to highlight some helpful terms that are going to get thrown around a lot before you jump in.

Know Your ID Numbers

What is with all these ID numbers?! You can think of your NetID as your username. Whenever you log into NYUHome (more on that later), you’ll log in with your NetID and password. Your NetID should look like your initials followed by some numbers (e.g., Taylor Swift’s NetID might be ts123).

Your University ID (also called an N-number) should look like N12345678, and you will not use it nearly as much. For context, the University ID number is what’s printed on a student’s ID card (although if you’re reading this, these numbers might not have existed when you were a student).

All alumni have an NYU NetID and a University ID. If you don’t have one or both of these numbers, feel free to reach out to us at alumni.info@nyu.edu with your school, class year, and date of birth and we can provide them.

Sign Up for PerksConnect

PerksConnect is where alumni can find local deals, exclusive offers, and savings on a wide range of items and services. This is the one-stop shop to find discounts on entertainment, shopping discounts, travel, and more. A PerksConnect account is free to make and you do not need your alumni ID number in order to create an account.

  1. Visit nyualumni.perksconnection.com
  2. Click "Activate your account now" (top right)
  3. Enter Group Code: "NYUAlumni"
  4. Complete sign-up

Lifetime NYU Email

All alumni are eligible for an NYU email account powered by Google, forever. Email addresses are in the format netid@nyu.edu (e.g. abc123@nyu.edu). 


The NYU website is where you go to scope things out. NYUHome is where you go to dive in. For students, it’s where they access classes, look at grades, and pay tuition. For alumni, it’s where you’ll access your NYU email, browse the alumni e-library, and see job postings on Handshake. NYUHome is simply home.nyu.edu and you can log in with your NetID and password.


Visit the Benefits FAQ page or send us an email at alumni.benefits@nyu.edu.