Instruction Mode Definitions

Instruction Mode Definition
In Person Class sessions are fully in person.
Online Class sessions are fully online either synchronously (i.e., on specific days and times) or asynchronously (i.e., within a more flexible set timeframe).  Faculty and all students are remote; there is no physical classroom.
Blended Class sessions are a combination of in person and online. Meeting details for individual classes can be found in the “Class Notes” in Albert.
Independent Study Course work and meetings are coordinated on a student by student basis with the faculty/advisor and are not formally scheduled in Albert.

Instruction mode and classroom location are displayed in Albert's course search:

1)  Go to

2)  Click on Public Course Search.

3)  Locate a class and expand the "learn more" section.

This information can also be found in Albert Student Center for currently enrolled courses.

Classroom Locations

Numbered Locations

Code Description
108B 108 Broadway
10AP 10 Astor Place
10WP 10 Washington Place
110F 110 Fifth Avenue
110W 110 West 3rd Street Residence
113U 113 University Place
11ST 41 East 11th Street, 7th Floor
12WV 12 Waverly Place
130M 130 MacDougal Street
133M 130 MacDougal Street
137M 130 MacDougal Street
14AWM 14A Washington Mews
142M 142 Mulberry Street
145F 145 Fourth Avenue
14UP 14 University Place
14WA 14 Wall Street, Tandon School of Engineering
15MTC 15 MetroTech Center, Tandon School of Engineering
15ST 345 East 15th Street
1633 1633 Broadway
194M 194 Mercer Street
199L 199 Lafayette Street
19UP 19 University Place
19W4 19 West 4th Street
19WS 19 Washington Square North
1E78 The Institute of Fine Arts, 1 East 78th Street
1WP 1 Washington Place
1WSN 1 Washington Square North
20CS 20 Cooper Square
214M 214 Mercer Street
230S 230 Sullivan Street Residence
239T 239 Thompson Street
240G 240 Greene Street
240M 240 Mercer Street
245S 245 Sullivan Street
246G 246 Greene Street
25W4 25 West 4th Street
25WV 25 Waverly Place
269M 269 Mercer Street
285M 285 Mercer Street
295L 295 Lafayette Street
29WW 29 Washington Square East
2AVE 111 Second Avenue
2BWY 2 Broadway, Tandon School of Engineering
2MTC 2 MetroTech Center
2ST 2nd Street Residence Hall
2UP 2 University Place
2WSN 2 Washington Square North
3-5W 3-5 Washington Place
333A 33 Third Avenue
342E 342 East 26th Street, Room 200A
345E 345 East 24th Street
3-5W 3-5 Washington Place
380S 380 Second Avenue, 4th Floor
383L 383 Lafayette Street
3AVN Third Avenue North Dormitory
3WSN 3 Washington Square North
411L 411 Lafayette Street
412W 412 West 42nd Street, Playwright Theatre
420W 420 West 42nd Street
423E Veterans Administration Hospital, 423 East 23rd Street
440L 440 Lafayette Street
44CP 44 Central Park West
48CS 48 Cooper Square
4E14 4 E. 14th St
4WP 4 Washington Place
4WSN 4 Washington Square North
50WS 50 Washington Square South
51WS 51 Washington Square South
53WS 53 Washington Square South
55BS 55 Broad Street, Tandon School of Engineering
55BW 55 Broadway, Tandon School of Engineering
5WP 5 Washington Place
5WSN 5 Washington Square North
60FA 60 Fifth Avenue
622B 622 Broadway
665B 665 Broadway
686B 686 Broadway
6WP 6 Washington Place
715B 715 Broadway
719B 719 Broadway
721B 721 Broadway
725B 725 Broadway
726B 726 Broadway
730B 730 Broadway
75VA 75 Varick Street (At Canal Street)
770B 770 Broadway
7E12 7 East 12th Street, Fairchild Building
7ST 7th Street Residence Hall
80WS 80 Washington Square East Gallery
838B 838 Broadway
85W3 85 West Third Street
890B 890 Broadway


Code Description
AHCT Allied Health Center
ALUM Alumni Hall
AMAR American Arbitration Association
ARC Academic Resource Center / 18 Washington Place
BARN Barney Building
BCHS Baruch College High School
BDFS 6 Bedford Square, London
BERK Berkley School
BOBS Bobst Library, 70 Washington Sq South
BOST 24 Bond Street
BRBK Birkbeck College, London
BRIT British Institute - Florence
BRNF Bronfman Center
BROM Broome Street Residence Hall
BRTN Brittany Hall
BRWN Brown Building
BSCI Basic Science Building, 433 First Avenue
BSTT Bassett Building, Tandon School of Engineering, Long Island
BUTR Butterick Building
BXPH Bronx Psychiatric Hospital
CANT Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street
CARD Cardozo Law
CARL Carlyle Court Residence Hall
CASA 24 West 12th Street, Casa Italiana
CENT Centro Linguistico - Florence
CHAN Chan House
CIWW Courant Institute / Warren Weaver Hall
COLE Coles Sports and Recreation Center
COLU Columbia University
COOP Cooper Union
CORL Coral Tower Residence Hall
CSAE Center for Science and Engineering, Abu Dhabi
CVEN Civil Engineering Building, Tandon School of Engineering
CUNY CUNY - City University of New York
DAGA D’Agostino Hall
DALT Dalton School
DBN Dibner Building, Tandon School of Engineering
DEUT Deutsches Haus
DIBN Dibner Building, Tandon School of Engineering
DOMN Dominican College
DOWL Dowling College
DUKE Duke House
E 15 115 East 15th Street
E 34 317 East 34th Street
E 7 38-40 East 7th Street
EAST East Building
EDUC Education Building
ERIN Ireland House


Code Description
FHBG Fuchsberg Hall, 249 Sullivan Street
FORD Fordham University
FOUN Founders Hall
FRND Friends Seminary
FURH J. Furman Hall
GCASL Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life / 238 Thompson Street
GEOG Geography Building, Shanghai
GIBB Katherine Gibbs
GODD Paulette Goddard Hall, 45 West 4th Street
GRAM Gramercy Green Residence Hall
GWCH Greenwich Hotel
GYMN Gymnasium, Tandon School of Engineering, Long Island
HADY Hayden Hall
HEBU Hebrew Union College
HJTD Hospital for Joint Diseases
ICPH International Center for Photography
IFST Institute of French Studies
IRMD Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
ISAW Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
JABS Jacobs Academic Building, Tandon School of Engineering
JCBS Jacobs Building, Tandon School of Engineering
KAPL Kaplan Education Center, 16 Cooper Square
KEVO Kevorkian Center
KIMB Kimball Hall
KIMM Helen and Martin Kimmel University Center, 60 Washington Sq South
KING Kings College, London
KJCC King Juan Carlos Center
KMEC Henry Kaufman Management Education Center
LENX Lenox Hill Hospital, 77th Street & Park Avenue
LFAY 80 Lafayette Street Residence Hall
LINC Lincoln Center
LIOM Lab Institute of Merchandising
LITE Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street
LNZA Lanza
LSTC 539-541 LaGuardia Place Co-Op, Student Technology Center
LYCM Lyceum - Florence
MANV Manhattanville
MAVA Manhattan Village Academy, 43 West 22nd Street
MECH Mechanics Institute
MEDS NYU Medical Center
MEYR Meyer Hall, 4 Washington Place
MIDC NYU Midtown Center
MNBD Main Building, Tandon School of Engineering, Long Island
MTMU Metropolitan Museum of Art
NOF Nursing Off-Campus Clinical Site Click here for more details
NTCT Norman Thomas High School
NYBG New York Botanical Garden
OFFC Off-Campus
OIOC 63 Downing Street
ONAS 58 West 10th Street
ONLI On-Line


Code Description
PALL The Palladium Residence Hall
PANX Pless Annex
PHYS Physics Building, Shanghai
PLSS Pless Building
POST C.W. Post
PREV Preventative Medicine Building
PRSS Press Building
PUBL Public Health
PUER Puerto Rico
RGSH Rogers Hall, Tandon School of Engineering
RUBN Rubin Hall, 35 Fifth Avenue
RUSK Rusk Institute, East 34th Street & First Avenue
SAGC Saadiyat Golf Club
SAHS Satellite Academy High School
SALW Sarah Lawrence College
SASS Sasseti
SFOR Sterling Forest
SHDS Schwartz Hall of Dental Science
SHIM Shimkin Hall
SILV Silver Center for Arts & Science, 100 Washington Sq East
SLHB Schwartz Lecture Hall Building
SNHS Senior House Residence Hall
SHUL Senate House, University of London, London
SOAA Tisch School of the Arts Asia / Singapore
SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, London
STAQ St. Thomas Aquinas College
STAT Staten Island
STRC Stern College
STUY Stuyvesant Town
SUNY Suny College of Optometry
SYAC 157-161 Gloucester St, Sydney, Australia
TBA To Be Arranged
TRB Translational Research Building, 227 East 30th Street
THOM Thompson Center, 238 Thompson Street
TISC Tisch Hall, 40 West 4th Street
TRIN 100 Trinity Place
UHAL University Hall, 110 E. 14 St.
ULIV Ulivi
UTSL Building 4, Harris St & Thomas St, Sydney, Australia
VAND Vanderbilt Hall
VERN 58 West 10th Street
VIAC Viacom Center
VIVO Vivo Institute
VNAT Villa Natalia
W13S West 13th Street Residence Hall
W 36 19 West 36th Street
W 42 416 West 42nd Street
W 56 130 West 56th Street
WAGN Wagner College
WAVE Waverly Building, 24 Waverly Place
WEIN Weinstein Residence Hall, 11 University Place
WEIS Weissman Building
WISE Wise Community Center
WMEW Washington Mews
WMNB Westchester Main Building, Tandon School of Engineering Westchester
WOOL Woolworth Building
WSQV Washington Square Village

Off-campus Locations

Code Description
AD Abu Dhabi
AF South Africa
AM Amsterdam
AR Africa
AT Athens
AU Austria
BA Buenos Aires
BC Branch At Dominican
BD Budapest
BE Bermuda
BK Berkley School
BL Berlin
BR Britain
BS Brussels
BU Bulgaria
BZ Brazil
CA Cantor Film Center
CB Cuba
CE Chile
CH China
CL Cardoza Law
CN Canada
CR Costa Rica
CS Cooper Square, 48 Cooper Square
CT Cape Town
CU Cooper Union, 51 Astor Place
CW C.W. Post
CY City Hall
DA Dalton School, 108 East 89th Street
DB Dublin
DC Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
DW Dowling
EN England
FA Inst. Of Fine Arts, 1 East 78th Street
FC 15th Street Center, 345 East 15th Street
FL Florence
FR France
FS Friends Seminar, 222 East 16th Street
GE Genoa
GH Ghana
GR Greece
HC Hebrew Union College, 1 West 4th Street
HI Hawaii
HT Hong Kong & Taiwan
IS Israel
IT Italy
JD Hospital for Joint Diseases
KG Katherine Gibbs
LH Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street
LM Lab Inst of Merchandising
LO London
LP La Pietra
MC NYU Medical Center, 550 First Avenue
MH Manhattanville
MI Mechanics Institute
MM Metropolitan Museum of Art
MS Mount Sinai Medical Center
MT Midtown Center, 11 West 42nd Street
MV Manhattan Village Academy, 43 West 22nd Street
MX Mexico
NE Netherlands
NI Nice
NT Norman Thomas, 111 East 33rd Street
OC Off-Campus
OR Orlando
PE Peru
PG Prague
PI Pisa
PO Cracow
PR Puerto Rico
PS Paris
PT Pretoria
PU Stern Graduate at Purchase
RU Russia
SA Study Abroad
SB Salzburg
SC Stern College, 245 Lexington Avenue
SF Sterling Forest
SG Singapore
SH Shanghai
SI Staten Island
SL Sarah Lawrence
SN Senegal
SP Spain
SQ St. Thomas Aquinas College
ST Stevens Institute of Technology
SU Suny College of Optometry, 33 West 42nd Street
SV Slovakia
SW Sweden
SZ Switzerland
TA Tel Aviv
TC SCPS Test Center, 50 Cooper Square, Room 300
TU Tuscany
UG Uganda
VE Venice
VI Viacom Center
VK 75 Varick Street (At Canal St.)
VN Vietnam
WA Wagner College
WC Wise Community Center, 123 East 55th Street
WS Washington Square
WW Woolworth Building, 15 Barclay Street