After being accepted to New York University's Opportunity Programs, you will be required to participate in a six-week summer program designed to preview the courses that you will be enrolled in the fall. While using the freshman year textbooks, during the six weeks you will preview 1/3 of the fall semester courses. Here are some of the things you will do:

  • Our summer writing course improves writing and critical reading skills and prepares you for college-level writing. The mathematics course will sharpen necessary skills for freshman level mathematics.
  • You will participate in a course designed to enhance your critical thinking skills and prepare you for required courses in the humanities.
  • If you are a student entering NYU’s Stern School of Business, you will take a preparatory economics course, studying concepts and principles of micro- and macroeconomics.
  • Those with a pre-medical major are introduced to college chemistry and calculus.
  • Preparation is not confined to the classroom or campus. You will visit the city’s museums and galleries. You will also become involved in community service with volunteer opportunities in various neighborhoods in the city.

Through it all, you will also have access to our Counseling Services to help you make the transition