Purpose of the Reporting Line

NYU is committed to operating ethically and lawfully and expects all University Community Members to conduct their activities in compliance with University policies and procedures and applicable law.  If you have questions or concerns regarding policy violations, wrongful conduct, business practices, or compliance and risk concerns, if you observe conduct at NYU that is inconsistent with these expectations, we encourage you to contact NYU Compliance and Risk Reporting Line, which is administered by Convercent, NYU's private reporting vendor.   

Members of the University Community have an affirmative duty to disclose and seek guidance if they believe that another Member of the University Community or other person associated with or doing business with NYU is engaging in Wrongful Conduct. Indeed, it is the University’s policy to encourage the communication of good-faith concerns and complaints of Wrongful Conduct.
It is also the University’s policy to protect those who make such complaints from retaliation. No Member of the University Community who in good faith reports any Wrongful Conduct or suspected Wrongful Conduct or who cooperates in good faith with a University investigation of such a report will be subject to intimidation, harassment, discrimination, or other retaliation or, in the case of employees, adverse employment consequence.

NYU Compliance Complaint Policy

How to Use the Reporting Line and Web Service

The NYU Compliance and Risk Reporting Line offers two easy options for you to ask questions, report concerns or other information, and submit complaints, including, via phone or web. Reporting line services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached by phone at 877- 360-7626 or through the web.  For international dialing instructions, click on the Reporting Line home page.

Subject to applicable law, questions and concerns can be raised from the U.S. or any global location.  Reporting Line services are provided by trained Convercent staff and the Office of Compliance and Risk Management.  

Depending on where you are calling from, callers may choose to remain anonymous but must provide sufficient information about the nature of the conduct and the participants to enable a review to be undertaken.  All reports will be handled by the appropriate University officials as promptly and discreetly as possible.

Reasons to Call the Reporting Line

Examples of matters that you may have questions or concerns about include:

  • Code of Ethical Conduct and other University Policy Violations
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Financial and Business Integrity Issues
  • Misuse of University Property or Assets
  • Research Related Issues
  • Export, Import, and Trade Issues
  • Workplace Safety
  • Wrongful Conduct
  • Other Compliance and Risk Concerns

Additional Avenues to Report Concerns

Depending on the nature of the matter, other avenues available to members of the University community may include going to University Human Resources, the Office of Equal Opportunity, Internal Audit, or availing themselves of processes addressing student and faculty concerns and complaints. Please also note the following additional information:

Reports of alleged sexual misconduct, disability, or discriminatory harassment should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity at equal.opportunity@nyu.edu or at 212-998-2375. The NYU Bias Response Line also provides a mechanism to share or report experiences and concerns of bias, discrimination, or harassing behavior that may occur within our community.

For questions or to report a concern related to COVID-19,  You may also visit the COVID-19 Information webpage, NYU's hub for COVID-19-related guidance and information such as COVID-Related Guidance; a guide for Visitors, Vendors, and Affiliates; and COVID-19 Messages.

To make a report involving the New York University Langone Medical Center, please contact the NYU Langone Compliance Helpline at 866-NYU-1212 or 866-698-1212 which is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in multiple languages.You can submit questions and concerns related to NYU Langone online at compliancenyulmc.alertline.com.