Purpose of the Code of Ethical Conduct

The purpose of the New York University Code of Ethical Conduct is to highlight the essential elements of an ethical and responsible environment in which the central educational goals of the University can be met effectively and efficiently.

Code of Ethical Conduct Applicability

The Code articulates ethical standards, principles and policies which all NYU members - at home and abroad - are expected to uphold by incorporating these values into their daily University activities.  Every member of the University- every part-time and full-time employee, faculty member, officer, trustee, overseer, and advisory board member – is expected to adhere to the Code.  

Any employee of the University may submit a good faith complaint regarding violations of University policy, compliance concerns or other improper conduct without retaliation of any kind.  For more information, visit the NYU Compliance and Risk Reporting Line webpage.

Statement of General Principals

The Code of Ethical Conduct sets forth the following twelve principles to which we adhere:

  • Adhering to the Highest Ethical Standards
  • Respecting and Complying With the Law
  • Complying With All Contractual and Grant Terms and Conditions
  • Supporting The University's Goals and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Maintaining the Highest Standards of Academic Integrity
  • Respecting the Rights and Dignity of Others
  • Maintaining the Highest Standards of Patient Care
  • Maintaining and Preserving Accurate Records
  • Conducting Business Practices with Honesty and Integrity
  • Concern for Health and Safety; Respecting the Environment
  • Reporting Suspected Violations of the Code; Enforcement of the Code
  • Promise of No Retaliation